Princess Di and Brexit Hysteria

Brexit was a sign.

Richard Spencer is among the tens of millions of Americans who are excited about Donald Trump’s coming presidency. The 38-year-old white nationalist heads a small organization, called the National Policy Institute, and believes people of different skin color are inherently different, hate each other and should live separately.

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I have been called insane by family and friends because they believed my blogs had nothing to do with anything. I titled myself a “Seer” and spent much time showing The Signs of Coming Events.  I was all but crucified, everything taken from me, including my child and grandchild. I have been stabbed in the back. The majority of the people chose to be stupid and are now going to pay. Millions thought they were Seers! I compared myself to Merlin many times. I warned the world about the sleeping dragons! Now, millions will suffer. The panic has just begun!

“JoBo says the British People should have been informed about the future before they were offered a vote.

“It was wrong of the government to offer the public a binary choice on the EU without being willing – in the event that people voted leave – to explain how this…

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