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Occupy Unmasked is a 2012 American documentary film directed by Stephen Bannon and produced by David Bossie, which is critical of the Occupy movement and was produced by Citizens United Productions.

The film takes a critical look at the Occupy movementAndrew Breitbart and producer Stephen Bannon contend that the Occupy movement is sinister, violent, and organized with the purpose of destroying the American government. The film also discusses allegations of rape, drug use, and property destruction at the Occupy encampments..


I have contended for years my blog has its pulse in the CORE issues of our times. For years, my ex-friend, Casey Farrell, would call me up almost everyday and swear people were taking my stuff and going with it. I titled Casey ‘The Green Swastika’ due to his racist homophobic rants. He and Stephen Bannon look-alike. Both men are White Race Nationalist. We talked about doing a radio show on other topics. Casey has a photographic memory, and is very interested in my blog, because I esteem white history. What is utterly profound, it appears the President Elect, keeps Bannon close to him, so he can download all his core information to him.


“Mr. Speaker! There’s a giant green misquito on the President Elect!”

“Yes. I know. We put it there. Let’s hope it sucks him dry!”


This is Rasputin, Sfengali, and the Phantom of the Opera sitting next to Donald in the Trumpmobile, not helping stear the Nation, but, has us in his grips. Bannon has told D.Umpster to not expose his hand, and pretend everything is going to be – just fine! This means, the New Jews have been chosen, and, it members of OCCUPY. I own the proof of what Bannon and Breitbart contend. Belle Burch and I are going to the White House, along with her wicked chaperon, Alley Valkyrie. Marilyn and Kenny Reed are going to be on the bandwagon, along with Krysta Albert and Ms. Oregon. Here is Oregon’s Senator.


“There should be no sugarcoating the truth here: Donald Trump just invited a white nationalist into the highest reaches of the government. Bannon has boasted that he made Breitbart News ‘the platform for the alt-right,’ which is the politically correct term for the resurrection of white nationalism.

“Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart News created news sections such as ‘Black Crime’ and compared the work of Planned Parenthood to the Holocaust. Under his leadership, Breitbart News ran this headline following the massacre of nine church-goers at an African American church in Charleston: ‘Hoist it high and proud: The Confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage.’ He called conservative commentator Bill Kristol a ‘renegade Jew.’ Steve Bannon bears substantial responsibility for the open and disgusting acts of hatred that are sweeping across our nation.

“After running a campaign built on inciting divisions and hate, Donald Trump has claimed he wants to unite America. Yet he has done nothing meaningful to stop the wave of hate crimes and hate speech he has unleashed, and now has brought that strategy right into the Oval Office.

“Donald Trump needs to forcefully denounce the hateful actions and efforts to intimidate people that some of his supporters are undertaking and rescind the appointment of Steve Bannon.”

WASHINGTON — Civil rights groups, Democrats and some Republican Party strategists on Monday denounced President-elect Donald J. Trump’s decision to appoint Stephen K. Bannon to a top White House position, warning that Mr. Bannon represents nationalist and racist views that should be rejected by the incoming president.

I will make sure Stephen and his ilk get a gander at Alley Valjyrie’s slanderous WANTED poster. Here is proof of how vicious OCCUPY can be.


Note the Soviet flag, and the prophetic words of Alex Jones, about the demonstrators paving the way for a Trump presidency. It is reported that Bill Clinton told his wife to pay attention to Blue Collar Workers. She ignored him. Eugene’s Radical Citizens harassed this Old Radical, and bid folks to ignore me. With the posting of this blog, those Unhappy Days are behind me. I will never be that betrayed, and that alone again. My book ‘Capturing Beauty’ will include several chapters on ‘Capturing the White House and Republican Party founded by my kindred’.

Jon Presco

Presdient: Royal Rosamond Press

Occupy Unmasked is a 2012 American documentary film directed by Stephen Bannon and produced by David Bossie, which is critical of the Occupy movement and was produced by Citizens United Productions.

The documentary was released in limited theaters on September 21, 2012, distributed by Mark Cuban‘s Magnolia Pictures. Cuban stated “I don’t have any politics” and that his company released the documentary solely “because we believe there is an audience for it” before the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.[




Rick Youngblood, a 51-year-old homeless man was found beaten to death and choked after having been involved in one of a number of physical altercations December 23, 2011. His father was told Youngblood had come into camp and picked a fight and some of the members of the encampment subdued him.[12]

After this incident, local sympathy for OccupyEugene diminished. Official tolerance of the encampment ended with the police gradually pushing the group out of the park.[13]


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