The United Union of New England

The Trumpites are not English Speakers. They grunt out bigoted Red State Bubba Bile which is attractive to tens of millions of American women. Why? I guess they love to be grabbed by their pussies and dragged into a cave of a Neanderthal.

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renaCapt_JWM_Eaton_559x900renaa6libertysDefense Secretary Robert M. Gates, United Kingdom's Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox, Sir David Richards, UK Chief of Defence, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen render honors during the playing of the British and American national anthems at the Pentagon, April 26, 2011. Defense Department photo by Cherie Cullen (released)


The world economy will collapse IF the United States, Canada, Britain, Scotland, and Ireland, do not become ONE UNITED NATION of English Speaking Peoples. The color of our skin is of no concern. It is how we use OUR language that UNITES US. Rena Easton has committed to memory a million poems that is the beacon of OUR UNITY.

Jon Presco

‘The Nazarite Prophet’

Copyright 2016

Brexit’s Article 50: How 250 words could chart Britain’s future

The article allows a country a maximum of two years to work out the details of an exit. But many say it could take the U.K. longer. Turmoil in the leadership of the U.K.’s two largest parties threatens to leave a political vacuum that could slow a possible resolution.

Unless these questions are answered and a clear path forward emerges, expect the pound to continue to weaken, said Shaun Osborne, chief currency strategist…

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