The Ugly Black Hole


Digitized by Two Cat Digital Inc. Kodak HR500 Universal film scanner ICC Profile: Adobe RGB 1998 Colorspace: Adobe RGB 1998

Digitized by Two Cat Digital Inc.
Kodak HR500 Universal film scanner
ICC Profile: Adobe RGB 1998
Colorspace: Adobe RGB 1998

This architecture site zeroed in on the ugliest part of Eugene THE BLACK HOLE. Just to walk past it gives folks the heebie-jeebies. I love to watch how they react. Most, cross the street to avoid this HOLE TO HELL.

I used to love to drive the Mustardmobile down into the garage because it was a slap in the face of Reaganish Era of Bad Taste. Architects were ordered to make hippies feel afraid and unwelcome. Many architects enjoyed being hippie haters, loved to make them feel small and powerless. Un-fortunately it began to do its voo-doo on everyone who got near the DARK SHADOW – BOX! All the light is snuffed out. Everyone hates to get into the shadow of it, and make that left turn.

This is the Colonel’s Revenge. This is the home of Darth Vader. The drive-in looks like the Romanesque bunkers Hitler built to defend the Normandy Coast. If you do not withdraw your money in the correct manner, electronic guns will emerge and zap your stupid greedy ass. After all, its not your money. You owe everything to your bank. To get inside your bank you have to be humbled, you have to go down into Hell Hole, bow down to Mammon.

Here is the universal password, just in case you make a mistake and panic! I love Kerry doing a great “Half measures availed us not.”  We want to get sober, grasp the big book and own the right lesson, but, we are skallywags, losers, cheaters who look for more weird ways to cut the corners. Trump is the real John Kerry. This is why he may win. Half of America wants to see what’s down the rabbit hole. Maybe there is a way out?

I just discovered Bob Dylan is an artist. Where are the people, Bob? Hitler had no folks in his cityscapes, either.

Jon Presco

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