I Am Bernard Claus

Vote for Hillary! Don’t waste a protest vote! Bernie is behind Hillary!

Rosamond Press


Three months before Obama got elected, I found the Bohemian Bank. Bernie Sanders is suggesting We the People Bank at Post Offices that I suggested be Trading Posts for the Poor and Homeless on Sunday. Who saw him coming, an old white-haired dude with big giveaway ideas?

Above is a photo of me at Eugene OCCIPY drinking a coke. The guy who took this photo gave me my moniker ‘Uncle Sam-a-Claus the Government Give-away Kind of Guy’. I was telling folks to hit them where it hurts by backing Government Charity Programs.

“Seize the Post Offices!” I shouted, to no avail! Everyone was too involved in the Kumbaya moment the organizers had invented, where The Kiddies sat on the floor and learned how to speak Anarchist Kindergarten Speak. Being an original radical and anarchist. I set out on my own. I have been vilified and called insane and dangerous. But, it…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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