Abusers of the Homeless – Daughter Dead


If both books of the Bible are about anything, they are about the abuse of the poor homeless alien among us. Being a theologian I have studied why this is.

I found part of a letter where I lay into my co-author, who after two months of working together on Daughter Dead, he tells me he does not want his writing associated with THE HOMELESS. What did he want? He wanted to suck off my energy and take any genius in my style, and put it in his pile – like Rick Cobian would years later. Joseph Ballatta proved to be a parasite. Most human beings subscribe to a pecking order that begins in the family that is carried into the public domain. The TAKERS – are taking over! We are living in Pirate Cutthroat World.

This paper proves I was not a crazy stalker. I beseech Belle Burch to make amends by becoming a leader and defender of the Homeless, because, she has special knowledge – about what not to do. No one gets it right the first time. I wrote a song and dance number for Alley Valkyrie ‘Cute and Disorderly’. (see below)

Jon Presco




Here is what I told Belle in an e-mail I sent her

The truth is, I did not like your poem, because I hate conspiracy radio. I want to do my own radio show called the Authentic Human Being Show. I did not like your poem because it says very little about YOU and your advocacy for the homeless. OCCUPY has a core group of people who want to remain anonymous. In my book they do not get to use the homeless as their human shield so they can own a cloak of invisibility in order to secretly push their ideaology. I can, and will expose that! Like the Pied Piper I will, put forth a better idea!”

I called the Horsehead about a half hour ago, and they told me they have a jukebox that allows your song to be played before the songs in front of you, if you feed it more money.

Cute and Disorderly

by Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Hey you sanitzing
dehumanizing cop on the beat
You can’t tell me what to do
where to go
and how to brush my teeth
I’m Cute……and Disorderly!
I got dimples on my butte and cheeks
I know every ragamuffin on these streets
Hey Mr. Straighty
are you checking out my tiny fairy fanny
You better watch out
I’m Cute……and Disorderly
If I want to take a puke
in a city planter
Or piss in some dark alley
What is it to you
you dumb-ass yuppie?
I can do anything I want
I’m cute…..and disorderly!


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I just realized Alley Valkyrie is Marilyn, the heroine of my play ‘Daughter Dead’ that I began in 1997 a few months after I was homeless. It was a collabertation that ended when Joe said he had no empathy for the homeless. I met his at a anti-shock treatment protest in from of Peace Health. He was in search of something to write about. My opening scese take place in the ruins of Funland On The Beach in SF. M mount a broken carosell and goes on a long rant, the Joe said was too long. She was/is………Alley Valkyrie. I wrote a tune for her in my musical.

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