Jeff’s Women Defenders



Jeffrey Don Walton
Jeffrey Don Walton
View photos: 1 | 2 Last known address:
CA 93202Age: 25  Birthdate: 1986-10-22  Gender: M
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 210
Race/Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brown

Good folks are trying to salvage downtown. Last night I watched a live-stream of Eugene’s City Hall meeting. Several women went up to the mike and scolded the Mayor and City Council for being mean to Jeff. Others spoke about the “Safety” issue in the downtown. Everyone was unhappy, dismayed, spoke in tones of futility. Downtown is a Lost Cause. No one is more unhappy then Jeff, a sex offender, who got arrested for failing to register when he moved here from California. Jeffrey just wants to do his thing. Will Alley Valkyrie of the OCCUPY Police Department go after Jeff, and make him feel unwelcome? No! Alley used her attorneys to make Jeff feel right at home. Her WELCOME mat has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jeff is a very special case. He is Valkyrie’s success story. Jeff was arrested for performing oral sex on a minor.

Here is Alley Valkyrie and her friend, Storm Faerywolf. Alley fought for the right of men like Jeffrey Walton to hang in the downtown. So did Emily Semple, who is running for City Council. Storm is a Warlock that sells potions and evil spells. He is not to be mistaken for Donald Trump who attacks and blames the Press. He threatened to sue the women who accused him of sexually abusing them. Millions of Republican Women are defending Donald – on the news! The She-demons above use the word “SHAME”.  They are aware of Jeff’s record.

Storm Faerywolf F(a)eri(e) or non?

Alley Valkyrie Local creeper: Delusional narcissist. Not Feri, but reminds me of a few of them. I sent him a PM firmly telling him to leave a friend of mine alone, and my “threat” will be the subject of his blog tomorrowHe has no idea who he is fucking with.

Storm Faerywolf: Give him hell, Alley!

Basically, Belle Burch offered me up as a human sacrifice. I was her wicker man. This is why I own the right to defend myself from practitioners of Black Magic. As long as it takes. Faerywolf is fucking around with the Black Rose. I was making Belle Heir of the Rose of the World.



Here is my blog on Laura Laver and Evonne Peddicord who I told about Valkyrie’s fake abuse report. Evonne snuck behind my back and used this defamation of character to get sympathy from our Memoirs group that helped her compose a childhood memory to rival the one I had read. This was another case of Dark Civic Magic that is destroying Eugene, and, will destroy Springfield, eventually.

Caroline Cummings spoke to the Mayor, and told of her harrowing encounters with the Gutter Goblins. She has been working hard to change the downtown for the better. She says she wished she was armed. She is shaken.

The head of the Downtown Merchants spoke, and begged for help in dealing with the rise of the Gutter Goblins. I am no longer alone.

A famous attorney said he will defend the abused women Trump threatened to punish for speaking up, for telling the truth, so as to not let him silence thousands of women who are waiting in the dark for a light to come. Gwendolyn Maeve performed Wiccan rituals in Kesey Square and tried to silence me while the Eugene Weekly praised her.

Also in the news was the passing of the Miss Oregon crown to the next Beauty.

Jon Presco

EUGENE, Ore. — A handful of people showed up to Monday’s Eugene City Council Meeting, to voice their opinions on what happened during Friday’s controversial arrest in the Park Blocks.

A couple of people gathered in front of Harris Hall before the meeting, holding signs with their displeasure toward the actions of Eugene Police.

One resident said she was there to speak out about the police brutality she believes occurred during Friday’s arrest.

She said many are concerned with the response from law enforcement and wants police accountable for their behavior.

She said the video making the rounds on social media is tough to watch.

“I couldn’t finish the video, I got maybe half of the way through and it was very disturbing,” said Shanalea Forrest. “I was appalled by what I was seeing, it made me physically sick to my stomach to witness.”

The video shows a police officer striking the suspect. Officials call it “focused blows”.

Police said force is authorized at times to quote, “Avoid having a higher degree of force.”

They said the incident is now under review by an auditor and Police Chief Pete Kerns.

EUGENE, Ore. – A group of people planned to gather at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in downtown Eugene to protest what they are calling police brutality.

“I wanted to start hitting cops,” she said. “Jeff kept shouting, I am not resisting arrest, release me and tell me what I’m being arrested for.”

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