The Eugene Inquisition

Rosamond Press

I highly suspect Alley Valkyrie and others threatened Belle Burch, told her she better not resolve the conflict that arose over her feeding a Jute Box dollars to get her MUSic  heard, first. Belle had fallen under the influence of poor muses who bid her to write bad poetry – that got her into trouble! She was a bad poet in her last life – and this! I have done my best to improve her conscious contact with her muse, who claims to be blameless. Never the less,  Belle’s poem has destroyed Eugene, and put an end to my fifty-five year friendship with Marilyn. The Choir Lady should have stayed out of it. She should have minded her own business, tended to her own muse.

In my story about the Dutch Renaissance that is being encircled by the Inquisition, Gottschalk Rosemondt is trying to keep the Great Erasmus out of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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