Ben Carson Defends Trump


I have posted fifty posts on the sexual abuse in my family, and the coming destruction of the Republican Party. For covering what I thought was newsworthy, I had an extremely lonely birthday. No friend or family member contacted. Now, they, and the world, can not ESCAPE, or, GET AWAY from these issues. Abused Beauty has captured the world.

Above is a photograph of my grandson being toasted in a bar by Flip, who died of acute alcoholism. When we met, he refused to shake my hand, and acted like he wanted to fight me, was going to flip-out on me in front of my daughter and grandson. My daughter and her crazy ex-lover, Bill Cornwell, were going into business with this guy, who along with Heather’s aunt, fought me me for my grandson who I have not heard from in six years. This is child abuse.

Ben Carson comes off as a minister, a representative of Jesus, yet he, and his ilk leave Jesus out of the equation in dealing with the abuse of women. Marilyn Reed and her “friends” threatened to sue me if I involved them AND THEIR JESUS in any controversy they did not first approve of. Kenny Reed threatened to hurt me because of all the damage I did. Kenny is not a believer. Perhaps the Devil did do it?

Marilyn worked covertly to isolate me for months before I posted on Krysta Albert’s verbal abuse of a Beauty Queen. Because she was black, M wanted all the black folks of Eugene in her corner. They were going PRO!

Reporters are asking if Trump is drunk, or, doing cocaine? Many say he is insane! I will own thirty years sobriety in April. I told Marilyn several times;

“If you have to ask, it’s all three!”

Jesus told the self-righteous Jews, to get out of the road if they continued to refuse to minister to the disenfranchised.

“I have come for the sinner, and not the righteous!”

Get out! Get off the road! Repent!

Donald Trump – is the Golden Calf! Are you blind?

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Scarborough stepped in to force the issue, which Carson accepted without asking to have this particular journalist’s mic disabled:

It’s a simple question. Yes or no? Do you believe these women are lying or not? Nobody’s trying to paint you as a bad guy, we just want an answer.

“It doesn’t matter whether they’re lying or not,” Carson responded. “Listen, it doesn’t matter whether they’re lying or not. What matters is that the train is going off the cliff. We’re taking our eye off of that and getting involved in other issues we can take care of later.”

Basically, Carson was saying that it doesn’t matter whether Trump sexually assaulted several different women. The veracity of their stories and the possible criminality of Trump’s alleged actions are irrelevant in Carson’s mind to the outcome of this election, in a larger moral landscape, and in the legal sense.


“Back in December, after Natriana Shorter, who is African-American, won the crown for Miss Oregon, Albert commented on a KEZI news story that, “I know this is going to sound racist and it’s not my intention. But I can’t help but think it’s awfully strange that a woman of color would represent [the] state of Oregon. The state that has one of the smallest amount of minorities of any race compared to other states. And yes, she is very beautiful.”

On Saturday, April 19, 2014 9:41 PM, Belle Burch wrote:

Hell yes I want to see a dance show on Broadway. I’ve always wanted to see a Broadway show. I’ve been in NYC twice but failed both times to get overpriced tickets to any Broadway shows enough in advance to make one. Why do you ask?

On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 6:59 PM, John Ambrose

Belle, my big project in Love Dance, a Broadway musical based upon the music of LOVE. Bryan was my best friend in HS. He was a roadie for the Byrds when he was 17. We hung out in a coffee shop in LA in 1963.

I about choked when you told me your were a dancer! Belle! You ring all my belles and set off all my whistles. It is just the way it is.

I want to see the hippie dance extravaganza on Broadway! How about you?


Here’s where we enter The Twilight Zone’. Three hours ago Marilyn Reed pulled over on Highway 5, to respond to my puzzlement. We had it out – in two minutes – because we have known each other for 45 years. I told her this whole thing sounds like a musical made in 1936. I was going to tell Belle about Marilyn’s sister who co-wrote ‘Fela’ that was turned into a play in New York. Fela was befriended by the Black Panthers. To see a image of Huey Newton next to this racist comment – is out there!

“I think God is writing this musical. It is chock full of lessons!”

What we got here, right here in River City, is a tempest in a tea pot, cuz, some one called someone the N-word, and, someone told a pretty girl, she is pretty. I guess 345,988 words will be spent on this one. Mark Twain would write a book about this – if her were alive!

Scroll down to read Alley Valkyries comments.

Jon Presco


Festival of Eugene Organizer Responds to Allegations of Racism

Update: This email went out on July 22 from the Festival of  Eugene email account:

“Racism cannot be tolerated. The 2016 Festival of Eugene is canceled. Our sincere apologies for those hurt and affected.”


Allegations of racism have arisen against Festival of Eugene organizer Krysta Albert.

Many of the allegations center on a comment of “U r exactly why we call u people niggers” made to Jamie Clark on a Facebook thread belonging to Nancy Berge that has been screen captured.

Albert’s Facebook page has been removed and the Festival of Eugene event page has comments from sponsors saying they are pulling their support.

In response to EW‘s request for comment, Albert writes:

The Festival has consulted an attorney and we are in the process of issuing a Press Release. Suffice to say these allegations are untrue.

The Festival of Eugene, ran by a dedicated team of volunteers, does not in the past, present nor future discriminate against anyone for any reason; neither race, color, creed, national origin, religious, sexual preference or orientation or political. Nor has it participated in racism, bigotry or any other type of discrimination or hate. The Festival is about celebrating diversity, social tolerance and inclusion of all. For those who have participated in this event in years past know this to be true.

Recent FaceBook posts have subjected our event to speculation and allegations. The recent posts are under review by FaceBook and our FaceBook administrators.

It is always good to keep in mind social media is fertile ground for drama and speculation. The Festival its’ reputation to be based on its history, mission and good will to the community at large.

Albert also posted on the Festival of Eugene page (a different page from the event page) saying she didn’t write or endorse the comment.

Kelly Asay, publisher of the news website Eugene Daily News has weighed in in Albert’s defense, writing that her Facebook page was hacked and Facebook is looking into it.

In response to Assay, the Facebook page Diverse Eugene writes,

“Regarding Eugene Daily News’s statement that racism would be ‘completely out of character’ for Festival of Eugene organizer Krysta Albert, we offer this quote from the Register-Guard, May 4, 2016: Reader comment about Donald Trump’s visit to Eugene. ‘I, for one, and absolutely voting for this man! And I would love to hear him speak! — Krysta Albert’ We’re not sure how Ms. Albert expressing avid support for a racist politician translates to ‘racism would be completely out of character for Krysta Albert’.”

Others have argued that Albert has made similar posts, including longtime Eugene activist Alley Valkyrie who is now in Portland. Valkyrie writes in a public post that “I blocked her after she made very similar racist comments as well as anti-homeless comments on the thread of a mutual friend.”

In one Facebook message conversation Albert says it was photoshopped and elsewhere she has posted she was hacked.

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