Moral Majority – Full of Devil Poop

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I just watched Lying Jerry Farwell Jr. defend Donald Trump from new accusations by two women. He said we are all sinners, and, he would have voted for John Kennedy ‘The Womanizer’ because he cut taxes. Jerry ‘The Fairy Hater’ said Trump has changed and his lack of morals is not important, and, he will vote for him. This is the president of Liberty University where Trump just spoke, and was given five standing ovations by Christians. The Falwells HATE homosexuals, and work hard to criminalize them, because, Jesus would never redeem them, never forgive them. This is America’s ISIS. They are shit-disturbers – around the clock! They hiss like a den of vipers after The Humpster’ exposed them, walked in on them while they were naked, dancing around Devil Fire.

Jon Presco

Three women accused Donald Trump of groping or kissing them without their consent in news reports published Wednesday, just days after the Republican presidential nominee insisted in a debate that he had never engaged in such behavior.

One of the women alleges that Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt during a flight more than three decades ago, the New York Times reported. The other says he kissed her on the mouth outside an elevator in 2005, according to the same report. A third woman said Trump groped her rear end at his Mar-a-Lago resort 13 years ago, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Trump denied the first two allegations in an interview with the Times. In a statement issued by his campaign after the report was published, spokesman Jason Miller said, “This entire article is fiction.” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the Palm Beach Post “there is no truth” to the third allegation.

But in each instance, the newspapers spoke to people close to the women — a universe that includes friends, family members, significant others and colleagues — who verified that they told them their stories about what they say happened months or years ago.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has blamed a “conspiracy” of GOP establishment leaders for the leak on Friday of a 2005 videotape of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lewd comments about sexual assault. And James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and now host of the show Family Talk, stood by his Trump endorsement on Monday.

Falwell, who is president of the nation’s largest Christian university, provided one of Trump’s first key endorsements from an evangelical leader. Trump’s candidacy, however, has divided evangelicals, who have no formal leadership. Some evangelical leaders continued to back Trump after the video leak, while a prominent theologian pulled back his support Sunday and other leaders continued to condemn the nominee.

The Moral Majority was a prominent American political organization associated with the Christian right and Republican Party. It was founded in 1979 by Baptist minister Jerry Falwell and associates, and dissolved in the late 1980s. It played a key role in the mobilization of conservative Christians as a political force and particularly in Republican presidential victories throughout the 1980s.

The origins of the Moral Majority can be traced to 1976 when Baptist minister Jerry Falwell embarked on a series of “I Love America” rallies across the country to raise awareness of social issues important to him.[1] These rallies were an extension of Falwell’s decision to go against the traditional Baptist principle of separating religion and politics, a change of heart Falwell says he had when he perceived what he described as the decay of the nation’s morality.[2] Through hosting these rallies, Falwell was able to gauge national support for a formal organization and also raise his profile as a leader. Having already been a part of a well-established network of ministers and ministries, within a few years Falwell was favorably positioned to launch the Moral Majority.

Some issues for which the Moral Majority campaigned included:[19]

The Moral Majority had adherents in the two major United States political parties, the Republicans, and the Democrats. They exercised far more influence within the former.

The Moral Majority engaged in political activity in a variety of ways, including national media campaigns and grassroots organization aimed at supporting particular candidates in elections and using mail and phone calls to reach office-holders.[24] The Moral Majority’s initial political actions were aimed at supporting Jesse Helmsproposed legislation on school prayer.[25] Before long, the Moral Majority became heavily invested in presidential elections and national politics; although at the state level branches of the Moral Majority continued to pursue specific issues at lower levels of government.

The Moral Majority was a relatively early supporter of Reagan, with Falwell announcing the organization’s endorsement of Reagan before the Republican convention.[28] According to Jimmy Carter, “that autumn [1980] a group headed by Jerry Falwell purchased $10 million in commercials on southern radio and TV to brand me as a traitor to the South and no longer a Christian.”[29] Naturally, the Moral Majority continued working on behalf of Reagan after he gained the Republican nomination. Following the organization’s heed, more than one-fifth of Moral Majority supporters that had supported Carter in 1976 voted for Reagan in 1980.[30] After Reagan’s victory, Falwell announced Reagan’s success was directly due to the Moral Majority and others registering and encouraging church-goers to vote who had never before been politically active.[31] Empirical ev

Notable people within the movement[edit]

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