Belle’s Portrait Begins

Somewhere in this blog I beieve I titled Belle Burch my ‘Political Muse’. Has anyone else come up with this idea – that now permeates the airwaves! Michelle Obama just spoke, saying she can not stop thinking about the allegations – while WOMEN defend Trump – TO THE DEATH! What I, Belle, Alley, and Rena, have dealt with for the last two years in the dark, is now on the Grand Stage, the main ring in the circus!

Back in February, I began to wonder if my muse, Rena Easton, was involved in white supremacists groups in Montana. I got a call from sheriff, Dan Mayland, he telling me Rena claimed I was stalking her. I later asked him if he had seen our exchange of letters. He told me Rena made a copy of her letter to me from memory.
Rena said she was still married to her ex-husband a cattle rancher. Militia members from Montana went to Nevada to give support to Cliven Bundy, and pointed rifles at Government agents. I hope Belle and her group can appreciate why I do not like folks I don’t know lurking in the background.
What is going on here. This artist chooses his muse so he can produce beautiful works of art, and they turn out to be radicals who work with groups. I prefer to work alone. But, I get lonely! I got no one on my side.

Rosamond Press


Since the death of Christine Rosamond Benton I have spent thousands of hours making her artistic legacy a BRAND. There is no money in this – yet. All the sales of Rosamond’s artwork, has grown cold. This is because the people put in charge of our creative family legacy, were like hogs at the trough waiting for IT to come and throw buckets of slop in.

Like all great endeavors and adventures, they begin with folly and misunderstanding. This is the case of Belle and my collaboration, which is an agreement for her to be my Muse. This means her job is to inspire me to do great and wondrous works. Whether these works will produce large sums of money, is to be seen. I am not interested in the money, as much as I love my work. I was interested in realizing money. But, after my daughter took herself…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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