Rex Deus and King of Bohemia and Jerusalem

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Empress Zita of Austriarexdeus33

Above is a large painting at the Univerity of Oregon Museum titled ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’. It was smuggled out of Austria. Hitler put a bounty on the head of Empress Zita who fled to America with her Royal Family. Rena and Zita own the same beautiful and regal energy.

When I told a new-found friend and fellow scholar that my mother’s maiden name was Rosamond, and my sister painted beautiful women using her middle name, he took me to see this painting which is about five by seven feet.

“I recall the Rosamond name is associated with the Habsburgs.”

That was 1997. When I found the Rosamond-Rougemont name in my family tree, and introduced all the beautiful and rosy women in my life – especially my grandmother – these old curmudgeon who glommed onto the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene begat the Rex Deus lineages that…

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