Neo-Cons Play God With The Arts

I am unblocked due to the Drama unfolding in the battle between a man and woman for the most powerful throne in the world. I own never ending credibility.

Rosamond Press

My autobiography ‘Capturing (Sleeping) Beauty’ will begin and end with the funding of the Arts by the CIA because they could not trust young visionaries and seers to not become Communists all on their own. A covert influence was put in the World of Art, a subliminal message “DRINK COKE” “KILL A COMMIE”.

Real artists and writers were paid monies collected from the America Tax Payer – TO BRAINWASH CREATIVE PEOPLE! Not being able to trust teenagers (who were addicted to negro freedom from capitalist slavery music) in this surreal agenda, the war against the Commies in Vietnam was launched in order to mass produce Loyal veterans who would bully their leftist peers – those peace pansies – make them kiss the flag, the bald eagle, and listen to Lawrence Welk’s accordion music! Not since Athens fought wars with Sparta, has there been such Cultural Warfare – that still rages…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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