I Spent My Birthday Alone


Two weeks ago it dawned on me there exist no photo of my mother with her four children. She was not into celebrating our birthdays. My daughter, Heather, was born on Rosemary’s birthday. Her mother and her family kept it a secret for sixteen years that I was a father. They only let me know so ‘Their Gift from God’ could be in Christine Rosamond’s biography, and, become famous, too. It’s amazing how many people believe I am a vile person who deserves what I got. This must be my Karma.

Amy sent me a personal FB message wishing me a Happy Birthday. We have never laid eyes on one another. We met on facebook. I got no call doing the same. I heard no human voice honor the day I was born, until I went to Target to buy a frozen piece of cake, that they did not sell anymore. On the way home, I bought a loaf of fancy bread. The woman asked if there was something else I wanted.

“Can you wish me a Happy Birthday?”

“Happy Birthday!” she said, and gave me my only gift that I carried home with pride, thinking “This is better than nothing!”

When I was young, my young beautiful friends told me I was beautiful. They told Christine and I we were the most beautiful, couple, the most beautiful brother and sister, they had ever beheld. They were confused. Here is a young man and a young woman, who together, own a beauty and grace that surpassed that of Lovers. What is going on?

Many became jealous of us, and drove a wedge between us. We were born of the same womb. I did amazing seascapes when I seventeen. My beautiful friends compared me to Jonathan Living Seagull. Note Jonathan do a fly over acknowledging I gave my daughter………life!

I got no call from Heather. I marvel at how many believe I own no feelings. And, this belief, makes them……..happy!



About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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