Billy and Trump Degraded Men

Billy Bush knew who Donald was talking about. They both hosted Acces Hollywood.

“She’s still very beautiful.” Billy says.

These predators are putting on a show for the lesser men on the bus, the hired help. These married men belong to a very elite club. They got up close to Beauty Queens, and judged them – in the flesh. Look at the expression of the working stiffs as they get off the bus. Billy and Donald have just played ‘Shrink-A-Penis. How many of these men are married? These two married men are giving the Lesser Men this message.

“Only suckers are faithful to their wives!”

They are TEMPTING men to be unfaithful. This will get you beheaded in most Islamic nations. This is not the message Paul Ryan is giving. Trump sees him as a Choir Boy shut up in Catholic World, while he and Bill Clinton share conquests out on the golf course. This is why Trump admires Putin. Does he know a fellow adulterer when he sees one?

Our Black President can’t play with these beautiful white bitches, make them get down on their knees and get some Trump Tower of Power. This is the same Power Trip George Bush played in Sugarland Texas with all them Texas Oil Boys. This is the game Bush played when he launched ‘Shock and Awe; and created ISIS.

This man should not be the President of any Nation. He loves to shove his penis in the face of women – and men! He will go to war with any man who is not impressed, who does not feel properly – DEGRADED!

Jon Presco

Oh, the irony. After avoiding Donald Trump for months, Paul Ryan was finally ready to do it: appear with the GOP presidential nominee in public, on the campaign trail, for the first time in the general election.

But that will definitely not be happening now. Ryan announced Friday night that Trump would not be attending their first campaign event together, a relatively benign fall festival planned for Saturday in Wisconsin. It was supposed to come less than 24 hours after The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold published audio via a hot mic in 2005 where Trump is recorded sharing incredibly lewd things about women. Now, Ryan’s decision to drop Trump from the lineup is the talk of the 2016 election.

This isn’t the first time Trump has made life difficult for Ryan within a 24-hour period. Ryan endorsed Trump in June. Literally the next day, Trump questioned a federal judge’s objectivity, citing his “Hispanic” heritage. (Ryan was forced to call that “the textbook definition of racism.”)

In fact, since endorsing Trump, we’ve calculated Ryan has had to denounce or disagree with the man he wants to become president an average of 11 days.

Know what the world needs now? A repeat of the Carrie Prejean fiasco. And luckily, Miss USA co-host Billy Bush is also co-hosting the Miss Universe Pageant!

Back in April, it was Bush holding the mic when Carrie Prejean gave her “opposite marriage” answer. And with another of Donald Trump’s beauty pageants to host, why not make a spectacle of these girls’ artificial intelligence? Billy Bush certainly hopes that’ll happen!

I love knowing [the Q&A portion] is coming up,” Bush told reporters this week. “In a moment of 30 seconds on live TV, anything can go wrong, and it usually does.

I’ll never forget when [Prejean] answered that question. You could hear the gasps in the audience … and all of the sudden, you felt like something happened,” he said. “I hope people remember the last Miss USA and tune into Miss Universe to see what might happen.”

Actually, let’s be fair: “Something” didn’t happen, not on the live television broadcast. Barely anyone watches these trite competitions any more. The “something” that happened was when the judge who asked the question took to his blog and turned Prejean’s answer into an attack on civil liberties (and an exercise is saying “cunt”). Given this year’s judges — Dean Cain, Colin Cowie, Gerry Deveaux, Farouk, Heather Kerzner, Richard Lefrak, George Maloof Jr., Valeria Mazza, Matthew Rolston, Andre Leon Talley, Tamara Tunie and Keisha Whitaker — aren’t exactly petri dishes of creating controversy, it’s doubtful they’ll be asking the hard questions.

William Hall Bush was born in Manhattan, New York City,[2] the son of Josephine (née Bradley) and Jonathan Bush, whose older brother George H. W. Bush was the 41st U.S. president. Bush attended middle school at St. Bernard’s School and high school at St. George’s School in Rhode Island,[1] and in 1994 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts inInternational Studies and Government from Colby College in WatervilleMaine,[1][3] where he was also a two-time captain of the college’s men’s lacrosse team.[4][5]

He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Sydney Davis, whom he married on April 4, 1998, and their three daughters: Josephine “Josie”, Mary and Lillie.[3][5] [6]

Larry Mendte – weekday/weekend anchor (1996–1997, now a public-affairs host for two TV stations in the Northeast and a host at WABC radio)

Bush co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant four times: in 2003 and 2004 with Daisy Fuentes; in 2005 with fellow Access Hollywood co-anchor Nancy O’Dell; and in2009 with Claudia Jordan. He has also co-hosted the Miss USA pageant four times, with almost the same partners: in 2003 with Fuentes; 2004 and 2005 with O’Dell; and again in 2009, this time with Nadine Velazquez. After the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards of 2008 were cancelled as a result of the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike, Bush co-hosted the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards Announcement press conference with Nancy O’Dell on January 13, 2008.

On October 7, 2016, video footage was released of Donald Trump having a lewd conversation with Bush in the course of filming an Access Hollywood episode in 2005. According to the Washington Post, there were seven people on a bus with Donald Trump; a camera crew of 2, the bus driver, the show’s producer, a production assistant, Trump’s security guard, and Trump’s public relations consultant. Upon arriving at the lot, the camera crew was let off the to bus to shoot the Access Hollywood Video while Trump disembarked from the bus. Trump and Bush were meeting with soap opera star Arianne Zucker.[2]The footage showed Bush and Trump discussing women using vulgar language and Bush laughing about Trump’s efforts to seduce a married woman. Bush received criticism online and calls for his resignation from Today, with The Washington Post stating, “Bush’s public image was damaged — perhaps beyond repair.”[8] He issued an apology, stating, “obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago. I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.”[9]Despite Bush’s apology, a petition was created on to “Fire Billy Bush Immediately” because as one signer put it, “Bush encouraged [Zucker] to hug Trump after Trump’s ‘rapey’ conversation with him.”

Commenting on the controversy, The Economist noted: “Who would have thought that Mr Bush, a presenter of NBC’s Today news show, could end up playing a more influential role in this election than his cousin Jeb, whom many Republicans once expected to win it?”[10]

The title “Miss Universe” was first used by the International Pageant of Pulchritude in 1926. This contest was held annually until 1935, when the Great Depression and other events preceding World War II led to its demise.

The current Miss Universe pageant was founded in 1952 by Pacific Knitting Mills, a California-based clothing company and manufacturer of Catalina Swimwear. The company was the sponsor of the Miss America pageant until 1951, when the winner, Yolande Betbeze, refused to pose for publicity pictures wearing one of their swimsuits. So in 1952 Pacific Knitting Mills organised the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, co-sponsoring them for decades to follow.

The first Miss Universe Pageant was held in Long Beach, California in 1952. It was won by Armi Kuusela from Finland, who gave up her title, though not officially, to get married, shortly before her year was completed.[11] Until 1958, the Miss Universe title, like that of Miss America, was dated by the year following the contest, so at the time Ms. Kuusela’s title was Miss Universe 1953.

Donald Trump claiming that stardom affords him the right to “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything,” is certainly the wildest and lewdest thing caught on tape in a video published by the Washington Post this afternoon.

Donald Trump On Getting Women: “Grab Them By The Pussy”

The Washington Post has just published a video of Donald Trump on the set of Days of Our Lives in…Read more

However, the co-star of the video is one Billy Bush, Access Hollywood host and failson of that Bush dynasty. Bush, a celebrity in his own right, also has a lot to say, in between chortling along as ham balloon Donald Trump fantasizes about sexual harassment.

Here is a list of all the wisdom Billy Bush has to dispense in the video:

  • Sheesh, your girl’s hot as shit! In the purple.”
  • Yes, the Donald has scored! Whoa, my man!”
  • [insuppressible chuckles at Trump describing how he likes to do kisses]
  • Whatever you want.”
  • Yeah those legs, all I can see is the legs.”
  • Come on shorty.”
  • Oof get out of the way honey. Oh, that’s good legs.”
  • How about a little hug for the Donald? He just got off the bus.”
  • How about a little hug for the Bushy? I just got off the bus.”
  • Here we go. Excellent. Well, you’ve got a nice co-star here.”
  • As soon as a beautiful woman shows up he just, he takes off. This always happens.”
  • It’s hard to walk next to a guy like this. Yeah, you get in the middle, there we go.”
  • Now if you had to choose honestly between one of us: me or the Donald?”

Billy Bush clearly sounds like a man who has interacted with human women in a sexual manner.

Miss Universe 2003, the 52nd Miss Universe pageant, was held on 3 June 2003 at the Figali Convention Center inPanama CityPanamaAmelia Vega of the Dominican Republic was crowned by Justine Pasek of Panama at the end of the event. 71 delegates competed in this year.

This is the second time that Panama hosted the contest, the last occasion being in 1986. The pageant final was held atAtlapa Convention Centre in Panama City.

This was the first Miss Universe edition to be aired on NBC.

BURN THE BUSH. Yes, Billy Bush has got to go. I do not understand MUO’s fascination with this man. He is mediocre, uninteresting, humorless, and classless. Did anyone hear him say “mostly distinguished judges” before he andDaisy Fuentes introduced the panel of judges? What did he mean exactly by what he said? Who was distinguished and who was not distinguished among the judges? Was it because of the presence of Katie Pritz – the “ordinary” woman who won the “Be a Miss Universe” judge contest? Who the hell is she and how did she win the contest? Another thing: did anyone notice how Bush and Fuentes would “fight” each other for attention? Did anyone notice one or two moments when both hosts raced to say something? The producers had explained that the reason Fuentes and Bush were selected again as hosts was because of the strong chemistry between the two of them, but did anyone explain to the producers that too much strong chemistry may also cause friction? Friction that would only compel a confused audience to ask: who is leading the show? Fuentes? Bush? Or both?

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