My Hidden Grandson – Tyler Hunt

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bereshit6Before my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, I did a cote of arms for PRESCO, my surname that was originally spelled PRESCOWITZ and BRASKEWITZ. In Germen the B and P are interchangeable, as is the E and the A, thus PRE BRA. In PRESCO is a ROSE. My father could have taken the surname ROSAMOND denoting a man who married a woman named ROSE. Merlin was a Foundling given the name AMBROSE or AMBROSIUS which means “divine immortal”

My family lured my NEWFOUND daughter away from me because she was miracle, my GIFT FROM GOD. Their plan was to author a biography employing GHOST WRITERS so they could make a movie and realize a profit. They took the ending of my book away. They hid the fact my daughter was pregnant. This is the direct work of Satan who has been trying to UNBORN me – before…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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