Egregor of Gruyere and Rougemont Castle

I am the Vigilent Watcher, the Egregor who drops a rock into the sea to sound an alarm.  I gather the Cranes of Rougemont at The Rock of Michael in order to do battle with the Dark One. The Crane Dancers move into the Labyrinth of Miletus. Angels take wing!

The present day Castle of Rougemont was built upon the ruins of the
Priory of Rougemont founded by Count Guillaume upon his return from
the Crusade where his Knights of the Crane were the first to enter Jerusalem.

“One speaks officially about the count Guillaume 1st. He lived around
the year 1080, and left for the Crusades. On its return, about 1104,
it founded the priory of Rougemont. The symbol of the crane is to be
seen on Rougemont and Gruyerecastle, and is found on the Cote of Arms
of Counts of Gruyere. Muchof their history was lost in a fire. Was
this fire deliberately set?

Rosamond Press

Below is an old post on the Lord of Gruyere. Gru is French for crane. I see the name Gregory. The Egregor is found in the Rose of the World prophecy.

I have been betrayed by a usurper. I will post less as I finish my novels so that I may reach a large audience.

Jon Presco

Daniel Andreev (1906-1959) was a Russian visionary who, for much of his life, had experiences of spiritual realities, and in particular the reality he termed the Rose of the World (Roza Mira). As a mystic in Soviet Russia, he was faced with the great challenge of communicating his vision to others. He was refused entry to University due to the non-proletarian character of his father, Leonid Andreev, a famous writer. Daniel Andreev found work as a graphic artist. He studied history and literature and wrote at night. He formed a small circle of…

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