Amnesty For My Multiracial Family

I have been supportive of the Aikens family because a member lost her home due to Larry Chazen who was a partner in both Rosamond galleries. Now, while he is still eager to get back on the football field, he is not as focused as he once was on someday wearing the flashy uniform of the University of Oregon Ducks football squad.

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I trashed this blog then read this article Multiracial Families. Mark and Vic Presco spread their Racist Neo-Nazi ideas in our family. How can this not affect us all? You use me as a Scapegoat so you will never have to face the facts, and do something, like get into therapy. Cean pretends he is one of the most honest men that walked the earth, but, he is lying to himself as to why he changed his surname. Mark refused to have anything to do with his grandsons, because they are half Filipino. He called these children “Mud People”. Donald Trump is taking from Mark and Victor’s playbook.

Last night, in my dream, the beautiful picture I longed to capture, appear. I was making a video of my sister Victoria and I, when in the background – there was Christine! She was young – and alive. We were young…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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