The Ulster-Scots and the Rosamond Mill

The Rosamond family in Ireland were more than staunch Protestants. The fictitious O’Hara family in Gone With the Wind would have known as leaders of the Orange Lodge in Ireland.

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Charles_Coote,_1st_Earl_of_BellamontToday at 1:30 P.M. I will be seeing an attorney in order to DISINHERIT my daughter, Heather Hanson, and make Jennifer Dundon, my Heir. I do this because my daughter is stupid, and Jennifer is a Historian. I can’t take our amazing family history with me, and my daughter hates my history. I have very little hope that my grandson, Tyler Hunt, will have an interest in his family, because he is being raised to be stupid too.

What I am going to leave Jennifer Dundon is my Intellectual Property. After I reveal the Norse Grail tomorrow, the name Rosamond will forever be associated with the Grail. Rosamond is a Family Brand Name, a Trademark I have developed over the years. It is associated with the Hobbit stories as well. I have long seen the Dundons as the Dunadan.

“In J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium, the Dúnedain (singular: Dúnadan, “man…

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