Dylan & Baez – Carmel Landmark

I posted this days before I defended Miss Oregon from an attack by Krysta Albert. Did Marilyn Reed and the Vrzak’s read this? What I have come to realize, is, Marilyn has been competing with me since we met. This is why she gives me no credit. She just wants me to be a Jealous Witness to her success. https://rosamondpress.com/?s=krysta+racist

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Chazen-law9aikens3Rosemary 1955 at Company Party 2Christine 1980 Modeling on Chest

Bob Dylan wrote ‘The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll at Joan Baez’s house in Carmel that is about to be declared a Landmark. Christine Rosamond Benton lived next door to Bob Dylan in Woodland Hills. They babysat each other’s children. Christine’s sister-in-law, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, was married to Thomas Pynchon, and was good friends of Richard and Mimi Farina. Lawrence Chazen sent movers to Christine’s house to get his antique furniture back. There was a court settlement. The world famous artist ‘Rosamond’ did not pay Larry what she owed him.

My wife did a life-size painting of Mimi. Here is Mimi and her sister Joan singing the Anthem of Our Love Generation.

Here is the most insane dialogue I ever read. It is pure Kafka. It involves Larry Chazen and Mattie Aikens in some matter. There is talk about a “black dummy”. Chazen tried to become the Special Executor of Rosamond’s…

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