Harry Lane – Is Our Man!

Does anyone know of any monuments to the Bentons and John Fremont in Oregon? I suspect Joe Lane made it a point to make sure my kindred’s history drew a blank. Consider the Mim’s House. I am now going to see if Eugene and Springfield will put up some plaques. I will render a few bronze statues. I am good with clay. I will see if I can get a grant from Lane Arts Council – that should change their name to denote Joe’s son. How about ‘Harry Lane Arts Council’ ? http://lanearts.org/staff/ In 1860, Lane was nominated for Vice President of the pro-slavery Southern wing of the Democratic Party, as John C. Breckinridge‘s running mate. Lane’s pro-slavery views and sympathy for the Confederate States of America in the Civil War effectively ended his political career in Oregon. http://newyorkhistoryblog.org/2015/03/26/john-c-fremont-rockland-countys-forgotten-hero/

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On this day, June 24, 2015, as historian to the Abolitionist Families of Benton and Fremont,  I declare the name of our County should be named after Harry Lane, the son of the Confederate, Joseph Lane. For the reason Joseph engaged in terrorism and slavery, and for the reason we are at war with ISIS who takes people as slaves, and for the reason the Confederate flag in South Carolina – must come down – let it be known, the sins of the father did not come down to Harry, who is a hidden treasure of liberalism and fair play for all. There not be any need for a name-change that would be very costly. Harry was a frugal politician who worked for the right for women to vote – and the Rose Festival of Portland.

For the last hour I searched google for a famous Lane in Oregon history, and had almost…

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