Bryan Maclean and a Generation of Love

Kenny Reed, Eric Richardson, and Greg Black, are not famous musicians, nor will the ever be famous. Marilyn Reed, nor any member of her choir, will be famous singers. Here is a photo of Marilyn taking a photo of my friend, Bryan MacLean who sang at my wedding to Thomas Pynchon’s ex-wife. Tom was an avid Jazz fan, who employed Jazz in several of his books. If Marilyn & Friends were forming a group, or, were going to be professional producers, then, they would love to have this history in their portfolio – with me excluded. Mary Ann was a good friend of Richard and Mimi Farina who lived in Carmel where Rosamond had two galleries, and did a life-size portrait of Mimi. The poet, George Sterling founded the Bohemian Colony of Carmel. Kenny Reed founded Jazz and Poetry at the Granary in Eugene, which I saw as an annex to the Carmel Bohemian scene. Pynchon is a Jazz fan who employs Jazz in his novels. I will devote a couple of chapters to the Granary where Izzy read his poems, and where Nisha Calkins, read, then sang Rena’s poem while her step-father played. You will find Mary Ann’s art here;

Rosamond Press

Above is a photograph taken outside the Glen’s church in Topanga Canyon. I have just got married to Maryanne Thoraldson. Bryan Maclean, my best friend at University High School, sang during the ceremony. We are singing Amazing grace. Bryan and I have given up alcohol and drugs when this picture was taken. This is my first attempt at sobriety. I have twenty four years of being clean and sober.

Bryan was the lead guitarist for the rock group Love that had a powerful influence on Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Thier first album that came out in 1965, was a stepping stone. Bryan had taught me how to play the guitar, and turned me on to marijuana atop a high and windy hill in L.A. We were the artists in residence at Uni High. Bryan drew sexy surfer girls that were the forerunner of the Rosamond Women my late sister…

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