Why Did Jesus “Curse” the Fig Tree?

Trump is the new Hitler. The Christian church should denounce him – now! Trump is going against the core of both books of the Bible which preach treating the “the alien among us” with merciful dignity and respect.The conflict between Kenny and I, is, he has many friends who think he is a Messiah, but, Mr.Reed doesn’t know anything. I have no friends – and know everything.

I figured out why Jesus cursed the fig tree. This enrages people. Who do I think I am – GOD JESUS! You need me, to explain to you why the weakest among us are always employed by Satan in the Dangerous Duality Game. It is so evident. Trump is doing a classic ‘Them vs. Us’  to gain more power, and get in the WH. Himmler said this to Hitler as they watched the storm troopers march into Paris. “If the Jews did not exist, we would have had to invent them.”


Rosamond Press

Christian ministers, Cardinals, and Popes have failed to answer why Jesus cursed the fig tree – yet they live in comfort thanks to the pennies widows dropped in the church box. One can say these so called ‘Men of God’ are parasites, a fungus that attacks the Living Tree of Truth.

Here is the gobbly-goop that pour from the mouth of a minister that takes the money of the hopeful, and gives nothing back in return.

Jon the Nazarite

Why Did Jesus “Curse” the Fig Tree?
By Wayne Jackson
Share“Can you explain the case where Jesus ‘cursed’ a fig tree? There are several things about this that are hard to understand. Did Christ have a right to ’curse’a tree? What is the meaning of ‘curse’? Since the tree was apparently destroyed, did he destroy property that did not belong to him? Some people say that this shows that Jesus…

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