Marilyn Reed – Out Of My Will


For the reason I was threatened with a possible lawsuit for Fair Use of un-copyrighted material found on the webpage of the Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir of Eugene, that was paid for by public grants, and for the reason there exist evidence my Copyright is under attack, I am forced to take steps to protect myself.

The first step is to get Marilyn Reed, and her daughter Nisha Calkins, out of my written Will, that I read to Ms. Reed and recorded with my video camera. My concern was the protection of my intellectual Property after my death because hostile outsiders had written books and screenplays. There is talk about a series for HBO starring my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, who was married to Garth Benton, a cousin of the world famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, the grandson of the Missouri Senator of the same name, who along with his daughter and step-son, the Fremonts, made much of Oregon’s early history.

Marilyn Reed lied to me and conspired to keep me away from the dedication of the Mims House because I would see that Greg Black was filming there, and, I might ask him questions, then, publish our conversation in my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press Co.Is public funding involved? If so, this would go against the inclusive bi-laws. I will file a complaint against several boards.

I became suspicious after Marilyn Reed took this video of me. When I saw that she turned my camera sideways, I asked her why. She said she wanted to get all that stuff out of the frame. You can see her pan over to see if a member of her husband’s Jazz group, is in the shot – with me! She removes him – and thus me! She wanted me out of the picture! For years I took videos of poets, including myself, reading at the Granary, while Kenny Reed accompanies us. Something had changed.

I suspect there is a documentary being made, and I must not find out, for I made around thirty videos of  Ms. Reed’s gospel choir, that she is the President of, that were posted on the choir’s facebook when I got that threat from Kathy Vrzak. Ms. Vrzak declared I was not a “friend” of the choir and was only out for myself. It is this Group vs. The Individual that is destroying our area and the Nation. Marilyn is a member of Landmark, a united group for profit.

I suspect Marilyn and Kathy preach Group Unity is the solution, and rogue human beings – are the problem. There exist the idea The Group has the right, and is obligated, to take what they want from The Lone Wolf, in order to make the group dream come true. I am obligated to help put an end to this Fascism.  The Long Arm of the Mission Statement – will be severed!

I just received a message from Nisha Calkins, and will publish it here. I believe her when she says; ” I have no idea what that is like for you.”

What has been going on, is, I am being BULLIED in a cult-like manner. This is to say, Marilyn uses the peer power of the group against me to get me relinquish my copyrights as does Kathy. In order to go around The Law, fake laws are made – just for me! Peer pressure, is now a weapon. There exist no RIGHT to protect! The Choir is not a Vigilante Posse. Consider the Bundys!


My childhood friend, Bryan McClean, went to high school with Marilyn and I. He became a famous Rock Star. He was invited to Sharon Tate’s home the night members of the Manson FAMILY showed up, and cut Sharon’s unborn baby out of her womb. Where people get PERMISSION to do such atrocious things, has been the study of Civilization for thousands of years. To have a friend of fifty years turn on me, and begin to demonize me, for reasons I was put in the dark about, is one of the saddest, and most frightening experiences of my life.

My friend Bryan must have had his Angel looking over him that night, because he chose to do the right thing, and keep an appointment with a single individual, that would not further his career as much as a world famous actress, and her husband, a famous movie producer.

All the Artists that God put in the world for OUR betterment, are dead. As their survivor, I feel a great urgency to keep OUR history out of the grasp of parasites, and move our creative endeavor into the light WE deserve!

Bryan knew “Crazy Charlie” and his girls. So did Brain Wilson. He was a wanna-be. Here is a photograph of Marilyn taken at my wedding. The woman in the background is Joan, my wife’s best friend. She came home for Thanksgiving to find eight members of her family blown away by shotguns wielded by a Black Radical group in Chicago. They randomly chose an executive for Standard Oil. They demonized him and his family. They got permission to “PROTECT” the world from the selfish Capitalists. The were on a MISSION. Joan arrived late. I did my best to help her with her severe alcoholism, and her PTSD.

All perpetrators DEHUMANIZE their victims. Why didn’t Kathy give her President a call, and have Marilyn politely bid me to remove material from my newspaper, after all, we have been FRIENDS for over fifty years? There can only be one answer. Both Kathy and Marilyn saw that I was getting too close to the truth – they were already protecting. This is called…..CONSPIRACY!

  • Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between people to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage
  • Conspiracy (criminal), an agreement between people to break the law in the future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond PressCo

August 8, 2016


Facebook message from Kathy Vrzak in response to this post on my blog-newspaper.

“Our Mission Statement is as follows, and We as a Non Profit Organization stand by our Mission Statement 100%. We strive to bring about unity among various racial and ethnic constituents of our community through the performance of African – American Gospel Music, sharing a message of Faith, Hope, and Charity.We present Gospel Music as a fine arts project. Inspirational Sounds Gospel Chior bringing the good news of Love and Grace to the World. We are a Community Choir of all religious backgrounds and ethnicity that comes together via Music Arts. We appreciate the work you have done for our choir thru photography and videos, but we DO NOT apprciate nor support you using us for your own personal agenda. Therefore, we ask the you cease and desist using our information and photos without our written permission. IT IS OUR RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS FROM BEING INVOLVED IN THIS KIND OF PUBLIC CONTROVERSY. THIS KIND OF THING GOES AGAINST OUR MISSION AND WE WILL PROTECT OUR MISSION STATEMENT BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.”

Dear Greg, I read the story you just posted on my FB page. I am so sorry to hear about what’s happened with you and my mom. I truly am. I have no idea what that is like for you. There’s one piece in your article that is not accurate that I can speak to. It’s the part that says, “Marilyn Reed is a member of the group Landmark a united group for profit.” Firstly, Marilyn is a graduate of the Landmark Forum and is involved in programs and conversations that Landmark Worldwide LLC offers. There are no members. Graduates of the landmark forum who wish to attend other programs that it offers pay to continue participating in its programs and courses. Secondly, Landmark Worldwide is an international educational organization, and personal and professional growth training and development company. It’s a global organization committed to reliably delivering that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about. And yes, it is for profit as you mentioned; no different than the University of Oregon in that sense. I don’t know that this feedback makes any difference for you. And inside of my commitment I see something to share with you, knowing that you as a journalist, a writer, and someone who is out to share the truth, have accurate succinct information. It is a fine line that many of us walk between the dark and the light. I send you blessings and prayers. Love, Nisha

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    I left Marilyn Reed my Intellectual Property in my Will, that I tore up and is no longer applicable. She has a copy that must be disregarded, especially after the death threat from her husband, Kenny Reed.

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