Louis Henry – Grand Master Knights Templar




Louis-Henry is in Virginia Hambley’s family tree, via her mother, Elizabeth de Bourmont. Louis-Henry was Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar

I was going to take Virginia to the Mims house on Saturday August the 8th. but after that threatening message, I felt we both would not be safe.

Virginia’s sister Carolinet was in town, but I missed her. The man who held virginai hostage for a year, was gone, and she was lonely again. We went and had a ice cream cone at Prince Puckler’s and heading back to Big Blue, my ex-fiance said;

“I wish someone would take a chance with me and be my friend.”

I commented on her sigh at the end of this profound statement. We talked about the pain in it. Virginia was brain-injured in a accident thirty-five years ago.

“So, what you are saying, if you were a stray cat, and someone took you to Green Hill, you would have been adopted out into a loving home a long time ago, because your owner took a chance on you?”

“Yes!” my love exclaimed! “Yes!”

Above we see two Castles that Virginia’s kindred dwelt in, and the de Bourmont Chateau and winery her mother’s uncle owns. Virginia stayed her ea wheel after she  graduated from high school.

There is a famous story about a prince who owns a grande castle, and lives within as a beast, a lion-like entity with no friends………..a cat if you will. The Indian religion says in our reincarnations, roles are exchanged, so that life’s lessons can be seen from a whole new angle.

I kneel before the prince du sang as a descendant of the Rougemont Knights Templar, for, we recognize one another in our quest, for the True Friend.

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President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

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Louis Henry I de BOURBON-CONDÉ

(Louis-Henri de BOURBON CONDÉ)
( Louis de BOURBON-CONDÉ )
Prince de Condé , Duc de Bourbon , Duc de Guise (10th), Pair of France , Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar

  • Born in 1692
  • Died in 1740 at the age of 48 years


 Spouse (s), child (ren), grandchildren and great-grandchildren



  • Family 1, family 2, family 3: Darbois (jhf July 2003) Royal

 Tree Preview

Louis II BOURBON-CONDÉ , Prince of Condé 1621-1686 Claire-Clemence de MAILLÉ , Marquise de Breze 1628-1694 Eduard von SIMMERN 1624-1663 Anna GONZAGA1616-1684 Louis XIII the JustBOURBON , King of France 1601-1643 Anna von HABSBURG ,Infanta de España 1601-1666 Gabriel ROCHECHOUART ,Prince of Tonnay-Charente ca 1600-1675 Diana Grandseigne ,Marquise Grandseigne ca 1610-1666

| | | |
Henri-Jules de BOURBON-CONDÉ ,Prince of Condé 1643-1709 SIMMERN Anne ,Duchess of Guise 1648-1723 Louis XIV’s Grand BOURBON ,King of France 1638-1715 Francoise-Athenais de ROCHECHOUART , Marquise de Montespan 1640-1707

| |
Louis III BOURBON-CONDÉ , Prince of Condé 1668-1710 Louise-Françoise BOURBON 1673-1743

Louis Henry I de BOURBON-CONDÉ, Prince of Condé 1692-1740


Marie-Henry de Ghaisne de Bourmont 1754-
Frères et sœurs
Louis I de Ghaisne de Bourmont 1699-1701
Parrain et marraine :
Louis-Henry Ier de Bourbon-Condé , prince de Condé 1692-1740
Marie-Anne de Bourbon-Condé , duchesse de Vendôme 1678-1718
Filleul : Louis IV de Ghaisne de Bourmont , maréchal de France 1773-1846

Louis-Henry Ier de Bourbon-Condé
(Louis-Henry de Bourbon-Condé)
Titres: prince de Condé, duc de Bourbon, duc de Guise (10e), duc d’Enghien, pair de France, grand-maître de l’Ordre des Chevaliers du Temple

Louis III de Bourbon-Condé , prince de Condé 1668-1710
Louise-Françoise de Bourbon 1673-1743
Union(s) et enfant(s)
Marié avec Marie-Anne de Bourbon-Conti 1689-1720 (Parents : François-Louis de Bourbon-Conti , roi de Pologne 1664-1709 & Marie-Thérèse de Bourbon-Condé , princesse de Conti 1666-1732 )
Marié en 1728 avec Caroline von Hessen-Rheinfels-Rotenburg 1714-1741 dont
Louis Joseph de Bourbon-Condé , duc d’Enghien 1736-1813
Relation avec Armande Félice de La Porte Mazarin 1691-1729 dont
Henriette de Bourbon-Condé 1725-1780
Relation avec Jeanne Berthelot de Pléneuf 1698-1727
Filleul : Louis II de Ghaisne de Bourmont , comte de Ghaisne 1705-1782
Personne, famille 2: Gérald de Ghaisne de Bourmont, “Le Livre de Famille” 1996
Union 2: Gérald de Ghaisne de Bourmont, “Le Livre de Famille” 1996²

Victor de Ghaisne de Bourmont
Titres: vicomte de Bourmont, Saint Cyrien , capitaine d’Infanterie


Né en 1907 – Pontivy, Morbihan, Bretagne, France
•Tué en mars 1944 , à l’âge de 37 ans

•Henri de Ghaisne , comte de Bourmont 1881-1976
•Anne-Marie de Ghaisne , comtesse de Bourmont 1877-1950

Union(s) et enfant(s)
◦Marié en 1938 avec Marie Duprat de Mezailles † dont ◦x x

Prince du sang as a rank[edit]

In France, the rank of prince du sang was the highest held at court after the immediate family of the king during the ancien régime and the Bourbon Restoration.[1] The rank of prince du sang or princesse du sang was restricted to legitimate agnates of the Capetian dynasty who were not members of the immediate family of the king. Originating in the 14th century, male princes du sang came to be recognized as entitled to seats on the Conseil du Roi and the Parlement de Paris, to precedence above all peers and to precedence among each other according to their respective places in the order of succession.

During the last century of the reign of the House of Valois, when religious strife brought forth rivals for the throne, prince du sang became restricted in use to refer to dynasts who were distant members of the Royal Family (i.e., those who were not children or grandchildren in the male line of a French king and, as such, entitled to specific, higher rank of their own as enfants and petits-enfants de France).[1]

In theory, the princes of the blood included all members of the Capetian dynasty. In practice, only the agnatic descendants of Saint Louis IX, such as the Valois and theBourbons, were acknowledged as princes du sang.[1] France’s kings, for instance, refused to recognize the Courtenay Capetians as princes of the blood. The Courtenays descended in legitimate male-line from King Louis VI, but had become impoverished, minor nobles over the centuries. Their repeated petitions for recognition to the Bourbon rulers were in vain. When the Treaty of Montmartre was concluded in 1662, declaring the House of Lorraine to be heirs to the French throne in the event of extinction of the Bourbons, the Courtenays protested, requesting substitution of the phrase “the royal house issued in legitimate male line from the kings of France” to no avail. In 1715 Louis-Charles de Courtenay, his son Charles-Roger and his brother Roger were once again rebuffed in their attempt to seek recognition of their status. Roger, abbé de Courtenay, was the last male of the family, dying on 5 May 1733, and his sister Hélène de Courtenay, marquise de Bauffremont (1689-20 June 1768), obtained no redress when she appealed to the king in 1737 after the Parlement of Paris ordered the term “princesse du sang royal de France” deleted from court documents.

Even a cadet branch of the Bourbon line, the Bourbon-Carencys, who were most distantly related to the Dukes of Bourbon, were denied princely rank and excluded from the Conseil du Roi until their extinction in 1530. They descended from Jean, seigneur de Carency (1378-1457), the youngest son of Jean I de Bourbon, Count of La Marche.

Since 1733, all legitimate Capetians were of the House of Bourbon, of the Vendôme branch, descended from Charles, Duke of Vendôme. Charles’ eldest son Antoine, King of Navarre, was the ancestor of the royal dynasties of France and Spain, and of the House of Orléans, while his youngest son Louis, Prince of Condé (1530–1569), was the ancestor of the House of Condé. A cadet branch of the Condés was the House of Conti, who in male line descended of Henri, Prince of Condé (1588–1646).

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