Extended Family Race & Sex Wars


Marilyn Reed tried to secretly get my black neighbor into her Extended Family Choir Christ-Cult, backed by Eric Richardson, who sees Kenny Reed as his mentor, and second in command of the NAACP. At the poetry reading at Moe’s, Kenny said I was a member of his family. What we got here is an Extended Family with honorary members, who are bid to prove THEY ARE LOYAL. Weeding out the DISLOYAL ONES is the best part of belonging to a cult. Marilyn has been having a ooy-gooy feely goody time screwing with my head, making strategy behind my back, with – her FAMILY!

They got a copyright in the works, and, I am not in it! Why? Because I have a lot of videos I took of THE FAMILY, and a lot of stories I blogged on, about FAMILY MEMBERS. I insist all my youtube videos be removed from the Kathy Vzar’s facebook.

I kept trying to find out why Marilyn was being cold, and aloof. She brought up our old argument when we were sixteen and fifteen. She was having this argument years before we met. Her half Filipino sister had married a black man. This was an interracial family, and I was The Designated White Guy everyone got to work their agenda out on. I just wanted what every normal sixteen year old young man wanted – a blow job……for starters! Instead, I get the most negative racial lessons one can get – for the last forty years! I am done! Fuck off!

“You’ll never be one – of us! NEVER!”

I kept telling Marilyn I am an atheist, an artist, and a horny young man.

“What is your fucking problem girl?”

Marilyn’s sister lived in France and hung with black radical liberationists and the Black Panthers. I am not supposed to mention this. But, Marilyn wanted to be JUST LIKE her sister – I never met – and who abandoned her family. Their mother found Shanah through Eldridge Cleaver!

I wanted my first love to just want to – be herself – then give me a blow job! Now, she has attached herself to Kathy’s Kause! Good riddance! Take MY copyrighted videos off your facebook! I am sure I am being written out of the script, the book, the movie, about aging old ex-hippies who find Jesus and black people in a little town choir, then, they are off to Twilight Zone!

I went for the Art & Poetry and turned the blog Kathy Klause got all huffy and puffy about – into a poem, that I read in front of Marilyn’s husband, and his Jazz Band! Everyone loved me. Marilyn was not there. Ms Snooty Fussbudget was off to a conference call with Landmark, her other extended family – and cult!


Jon Presco


Another Control Freak has sent me a message, another threat, in regards to this post on a belle, on a beautiful woman.

I have no personal grudge against Krysta Albert, or Belle and Alley Valkyrie. I just objected to them USING art, Fine Art, to promoter their agendas. Art is a religion to me and my family – for generations! My newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press Co. is dedicated to the protection of the arts. People with hidden agendas, should stay the hell away from art – and BEAUTY!

My autobiography is titled ‘Capturing Beauty’. My first love, my first girlfriend, Marilyn Reed, plays a huge role in my life. I have called her my “Muse” and she has not objected. The photograph above was taken by Steven Silverstien, a world famous fashion photographer. I did a painting from this fine image I consider a work of art. Beauty and Fine Art, go hand in hand. Woe be to anyone who dare attempt to cast this union asunder. Woe be!  Only one person, one man succeeded. When I refused to go down and be saved at the three Billy Graham Crusades Marilyn’s mother forced me to attend, she told this beautiful seventeen year old, to tell me, I am not to see the one I loved, again, and if I tried, she would call the police.


I was also forced to attend Marilyn’s mother church of choice. Every other week I heard Marilyn’s minister – wade into and demonize – THE CATHOLICS! If my mother would have found out about this “threat” there would have been one less Hater of the Catholic Religion in the world, and, Marilyn would have been an orphan – so help me God!

“As a five thousand person choir sang ‘Jesus I Come’ I got up and walked to the rose garden through the Roman arches. I was all alone, one voice against ten thousand. How Marilyn found me, is a miracle. She said this, with tears in her eyes;

“If you are not saved, my mother will never let me see you again!”



Mother Mary Dominica Wieneke

I am kin to many of the folks in this old photograph. My mother’s mother is Mary Magdalene Rosamond.

Mother Mary Dominica Wieneke




Wieneke445Here lies the hoarded love the key

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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