The Adventures of Big Blue


At 5:58 A.M. this morning I went outside and touched my 1972 Ford truck I named ‘Big Blue’ that is my share of the legacy my uncle Vincent Rice, left to ten members of our family. Uncle Vinnie wrote for the U.C.L.A newspaper when he was a student, and later wrote a sports column for the Los Angeles Times. My name is Jon Presco, and I am a newspaper man. This is what I am. Big Blue has always been my office, the official home of Royal Rosamond Press Co. a registered newspaper in Lane County. If the End of Days came upon us, I am prepared, all ready to go, to go get The Story!

Sunday night, I thought I had lost Big Blue, forever! Friday, around noon, I saw Blue sitting atop Ray’s Towing truck heading for my friend, Ray’s home. His son, Keith Daw, had volunteered to fix Big Blue – for free! Monday, around noon, Keith proudly, and graciously handed me the keys to Big Blue. I turned the ignition.

“It never sounded so……….crisp!”

What a perfect word to describe what Keith had done. He was grinning ear to ear. It never ran so good in the six years I have owned it. Ray Daw was giving me his radiant smile, too and here come Myrna, Keith’s mother, and she is wearing the all-is-well smile of a good woman who is the matriarch of a fine Oregon Family, who are the epitome of what this family should be – giving! As payment, they will be a part of the amazing history I am putting forth about the Miller brothers, and,  the history of what I now propose.


As I lay in bed this morning, I swore an oath, being, I will do all I can to own recognition as a valid Oregon Newspaper. I want to be credible. I want to own credibility. What I am proposing is a Great Race, from Florence Oregon, to New York, New York. This race will be launched with a show of Magnificent Men in the Flying Machines. We are talking about a Grand Finale and inauguration of our Lost History, made by George and Joaquin Miller who grew up near Coburg. I have been promoting their history for the last three years, to no avail, because, it is overpowering, overwhelming, and makes everyone else’s history, look puny – even the Kesey Family history! People holding office have their jobs to protect. thus, they are keen on claiming they are – The Cat’s Meow!

An hour ago, I got on google to see it is too late to register as a candidate for Mayor of Springfield. It is. How about a write-in candidate? I will call and see. Some of my neighbors wanted me to run for years. I will be promoting George Miller’s Magnificent flying Machine he held a Patent on – because it’s too good to be true! There are a thousand cites who would kill for this history! If Springfield does not act, I will be putting it before the Mayor and City Council of Florence! And, I will have Miss Oregon crack open  a bottle of champagne on the bumper of Big Blue, and…….

“There they go!”

Joaquin Miller would accompany my grandmother on the trolley carrying my infant father on his lap. He built a monument to John Fremont ‘The Oregon Trailblazer’ in the Oakland hills above the farm my family owned.

In conclusion, on Sunday, while sitting in front of Moe’s…..I felt a Road Trip coming on! When Keith told me he took Big Blue for a test drive on Martin Luther King Way, his blue eyes glazed over. He was gone, down the road a piece, and he wasn’t coming home any time soon. These Old Time Racers always had a great mechanic on board!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.






About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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