Elizabeth, Rosamond, and Taylor Camp

Famous people are often stalked and slimed.

Rosamond Press

LIZZ2Greg 1979 Rosemary 2Prescos 1962 Greg & Christine

Greg 1975 ChristineLIZZ3LIZZ5heatherty3

“Though Howard may have chosen a life out of the spotlight, he still had his sister’s flair for the dramatic. When he heard that police had rounded up 13 vagrants who recently moved to the island from Berkeley, California, he decided to bail out the lot and allow them to live on his land rent free.

‘It’s your land and they’re now your hippies,’ Taylor reportedly told officials, when they complained about the new inhabitants on Ke’e Beach.”


Consider the SLEEPS twelve! You got to laugh! I own Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie who wanted to add me to their list of people they intimidated and silenced. They tried to own me. They tried to take over Eugene’s Art Scene, but, I and my illustrious family blocked their way! The Rosamond family fled Ireland due religious strife, and lived like Hippies in the Ozarks and other backwoods of America. Howard…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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