Heracles & Pynchon In Cow Country

With the discovery of of the newspaper article about the two postal workers who were waiting to receive a reward for the capture of William Peddicord, I have been inducted into the Beat Writer Hall of Fame. My ex was married to Thomas Pynchon who wrote ‘The Crying of Lot 49’ that is about a secret postal service. Thanks Evonne for delivering my jazz note of authenticity. Plagiarism is the highest form of compliment. You thought your writer’s block was disposed of by that fake “Eugene Abuser” post by Alley Valkyrie, who went after me, my blog, and my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’.  Just because some Man Hater uses the name “Eugene” does not make it a official City of Eugene site. I laugh in your face, you friggen witch! Your father was a TERRORIST, a MAD BOMBER!

You will never grasp this…..’Incident In Memoirs #10478′ unless I preface it.

This is a story about a witchy and covert transference of my good writing skills over to Frail Evonne by female members of this group I joined at Willamalane Adult Activity Center in Springfield Oregon. The witch who conducted this transference of talent and skills, over to her fellow ungifted species, is Laurel Laver – Hospice Worker! You can’t make this shit up. Laurel has watched a lot of men die! She knows all about legacies. She will orchestrate my literary death and transference over to a woman of her choosing. This is the sequel to ‘Witches of Eastwick’.

Rosamond Press

Simpsons-Mural-from-Karisimson4simson6Simsons2button25simpsonmWalk 210

I was getting ready to post on Heracles stealing some cattle and how this relates to the mysterious milk cans running along the milky way in Erin Sullivan’s Springfield Creamery Mural, when I found this article in the New York Times about a book Pynchon did not author. This article mentions a cameo appearance by Pynchon on ‘The Simpsons’. Matt Groening said HIS Springfield is in Oregon, where I dwell.

The folks who painted the Kesey mural also did the Simpson mural on the side of the Emerald Arts building. On the opposite wall there is a large mural of the Oregon Trail that my kindred, John Fremont, explored.

Last night I went to the Second Friday Art Walk and got pushed around by The Paparazzi. Like Michael Powell said;

“I can’t get any respect!”

Let’s get some facts straight. Thomas Pynchon and John Freemont, are in my family tree, and…

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