Gwendolyn Maeve Iris – Troll

Sarah has closed down Memoirs #10478 till nest season. I would seal that room and call in a Native Amerian Shaman, or Exorist.

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I have discovered the true identity of Gwendolyn Maeve. Her full name is Gwendolyn Maeve Iris. However, this may be a fake name. Before I continue, here is what Zane Kesey said when he learned the square might be sold to a developer.

There IS a problem with the vagrants, homeless, panhandlers etc. in the square dominating the statue. It may be too late to fix this as the city is in talks to sell it, that would be very sad. Loads of work went into the funding and creating of this statue by dear friends. What I dislike….. Is that lately when I go to spend some time with “dad” it is entrenched with panhandlers and pitbulls…so I walk away and don’t even bother. The statue was meant to be a symbol of Eugene, to visit, get a photo, pay respects and move…

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