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pilgrimsss3Write your Representative and demand an investigation of British Aerospace. Remove all U.S. funding and publish a list of American Investors. Let’s put some faces on public view of the British Allies that won’t be backing up our President.

Let’s put the faces of the children who were killed by chemical weapons alongside the brave British Warrior with all those cotes of arms and titles that suggest they are brave knights.

Time for the spirit of my Patriotic Kindred to step forth and shout……….

“Fuck the British!”

Jon Presco

Here is a Lord asking why Britain needs a military. Why does the U.S.

There have been allegations that the Al Yamamah contracts were a result of bribes (“douceurs”) to members of the Saudi royal family and government officials. Some allegations suggested that the former Prime Minister’s son Mark Thatcher may have been involved; he has strongly denied receiving payments or…

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