The Montana Rose

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I am poised to BRAND Rena Easton ‘The Montana Rose’. This is what she wanted when she composed her Christmas letter to me. I made a mistake by upstaging her self-branding that most women are engaged in. I didn’t quite get this until I looked at Lerona Rosamond Morris’ book ‘When East Meets West’ that I got in the mail yesterday. As a woman historian she promises to BRAND Tulsa Oklahoma and the entire State with a ‘Rose of the World’ rose that she places on her husbands airplane. Lerona is on to this ROSAMOND BRAND before Christine Rosamond was born, but, my sister and her handlers missed the mark. There exist no real Artistic philosophy of this famous woman artist, that is a Creative Crime! This is why I want to focus on our Muse, Rena Christiansen, who chose me to rescue her ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in the World’.

When I saw this Diamond’s Are Forever commercial, I gasped. This actress/model comes very close to looking like Rena, but, her features are not AS perfect. Perhaps I mocked Rena, who at sixty-one lost her BEAUTY, like I lost her beauty, when she declined to be my wife. To BRAND one’s own beauty, to own such wonder, is what I was trying to capture. But, when is it ever mine, my right to do this? Where is………MY RING? Where is……MY CAR? Where is…….MY HOUSE? Where are……..OUR CHILDREN?

Which one, is THE ONE? Our winner has run a brutal race with other brutes, and somehow his sperm will penetrate her egg. Rena looked at a lot of good-looking men down at the Venice Boardwalk, she desperate to choose HER SAVIOR. None sufficed. I was the LAST MAN STANDING…..standing on the railing of the pier, being my romantic self, looking down at the crashing waves, asking;

“Where art thou?”

When I left the water’s edge, and walked past her, that’s when she sprung from hiding, and asked;

“Can I walk with you?”

The model in the diamond commercial may be the same as the one in the Mazda commercial that is shot on Mount Tamalpias where I took Rena. I showed her the world. We camped a quarter of mile from this shot. We drove around in my 1950 Dodge. She felt like a Bohemian Queen.

Car commercials have been filmed on Mount Tam for forty years. How many more “ALL NEW” autos will make their way along our ancient trail?

Many times, as we drove past the most beautiful landscapes in the world, I took my eyes off the road, for just a second, to behold her beauty in these moving landscapes. I wanted to capture her beauty – everywhere! Of course I did not want to let her go! Would you, who never had such beauty by her your side. Did she ever turn to look at me? Did she ever turn, to look at you?

I am poised to rebuild the State of Montana around her, my……Montana Rose!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

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    I posted about Rena on the Montana Sheriff FB. They took it down.

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