You Go – Peace Dog!

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Peace Dog was spotted coming between Clark Kerr’s Goon Squad, and ‘The Utopian Dreamers of America. PD had this to say to the Club-Happy Campus Cops.

“C’mon fellas! Give Utopia a chance. Staying young at heart forever – can’t be all bad! No need to give students permanent brain-damage!”

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, our troops are fighting and dying in order to establish a Democratic Utopia for hostile foreigners who don’t want it. How many college presidents signed off on ‘Shock and All’ – Bush’s three trillion dollar gift to the Iraqi People, who refused it, became ISIS, and are raping twelve year old girls – who were sold as sex slaves. Those who don’t go along with this Utopian plan of the new Caliph – are beheaded!

Young American Citizens could have made a wonderful Utopia in the United States with four trillion dollars.  When Hillary is elected, let two million march on Washington and demand two trillion for a New War on Poverty that will begin with rebuilding our infrastructure!

“For God’s sake! Give Utopia a chance!”

Peace Dog was last seen carrying a teargas canister away from a baby in a stroller.

Jon Presco


Savio derided the crew-cut conformity of campus life: ”The university is well-structured, well-tooled, to turn out people with all the sharp edges worn off — the well-rounded person.”

Second, the students were protesting the transformation of the modern university (or ”the multiversity,” in the famous phrase of their nemesis, university president Clark Kerr), from a center of open inquiry into a job-training and research agency for business, government and the military.

”Many students . . . have come to the university to learn to question, to grow, to learn — all the standard things that sound like cliches because no one takes them seriously. And they find at one point or another that for them to become part of society, to become lawyers, ministers, businessmen, or people in government, very often they must compromise those principles which were most dear to them. They must suppress the most creative impulses that they have. . . .

”The best among the people who enter must for four years wander aimlessly much of the time questioning why they are on campus at all . . . and looking toward a very bleak existence afterward in a game in which all the rules have been made up — rules which one can not really amend.”

Moreover, the multiversity in itself had become a huge, factory-like bureaucracy indifferent to student needs. ”If this is a firm and the regents are the board of directors and President Kerr is the manager, then the faculty are a bunch of workers and the students are the raw material. But we are a bunch of raw material that . . . don’t mean to be made into any product, to end up being bought by some clients of the university, be they business, be they government, be they organized labor — be they anyone. We’re human beings!”

Finally, Savio pictured the university as a microcosm of the postwar social order in which the majority of Americans were passive consumers of commercial products and political policies VTC determined by remote, technocratic elites in corporations and government.

”American society in the standard conception it has of itself is simply no longer exciting. . . . America is becoming ever more the utopia of sterilized, automated contentment. The ‘futures’ and ‘careers’ for which American students now prepare are for the most part intellectual and moral wastelands. This chrome-plated consumers’ paradise would have us grow up to be well behaved children. But an important minority of men and women coming to the front today have shown that they will die rather than be standardized, replaceable and irrelevant.”

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