The Sword in the Stone Obelisk


Last week I reminded Casey Farrell about my post on pulling THE SWORD – THE WORDS from the STONE of TONES & SCONES. If one hit an obelisk with a certain mallet, it would RING-SING. The sword is the SPIRAL HORN of the NARWHAL. He had forgotten I solved this riddle, and thus, was the rightful King of Britain – in a riddleish way?   Mary took Jesus to stand in the shadow of the ZENITH that was cast upon the ground just after high noon. He was much more than THE KING of JEWS. He was SACRED SACRIFICE of the CALANDAR-MUNDI. He was the MAY POLE in JUNE. He is everything in the world that is LEFTOVER. He is THE CAULDRON of PLENTY. He is THE GRAIL.

Many STORIES are STORED IN ME. Everyone wants their story back – eventually. There was a SOLAR ECLIPSE OF – THE SUN – when Jesus died. He was THE STAR of the LOST and LAST FIVE DAYS.

There was a festival recorded by FESTUS. (A writer on Seinfeld had gone to college?) The Swastika is the primal symbol of Minoa where the Labyrinth was born. Consider Belle’s parents founding a Labyrinth Walk in Eugene. Below is my post o the Q-UNICORN that was printed out on my blog like a poem in a random manner. I am more than a Master Symbolist. Let us read my riddle to this music.

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

“The Four Halls make up the base of the Obelisk and is the Swastika,”

Ovid says that this festival was celebrated in commemoration of the birthday of Minerva; but according to Festus it was sacred to Minerva because her temple on theAventine was consecrated on that day. On the fifth day of the festival, according to Ovid,[4] the trumpets used in sacred rites were purified; but this seems to have been originally a separate festival called Tubilustrium, which ancient calendars place on 23 March. When the celebration of Quinquatrus was extended to five days, the Tubilustrium would have fallen on the last day of that festival.

As this festival was sacred to Minerva, it seems that women were accustomed to consult fortune-tellers and diviners upon this day.[clarification needed] Domitian caused it to be celebrated every year in his Alban villa, situated at the foot of the Alban hills, and instituted a collegium to superintend the celebration, which consisted of shows of wild beasts, of the exhibition of plays, and of contests of orators and poets.[5]

There was also another festival of this name called Quinquatrus Minusculae or Quinquatrus Minores, celebrated on the Ides of June, on which the tibicines went through the city in procession to the temple of Minerva.

This rhyme was played upon by Lewis Carroll, who incorporated the lion and the unicorn as characters in Through the Looking-Glass. Here, the crown they are fighting for belongs to the White King, which, given that they are on the White side as well, makes their rivalry all the more absurd


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  • John Presco
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    Most of this is Robert Graves.


    > > The Unicorn of the British Royal Arms, is armed with King


    > Sword,
    > > the one he drew from the Obelisk Stone, and is the white, spiral
    > horn of the
    > > Narwhale, the same horn/sword that come out of the white haired,
    > > goat-bearded, Angel’s mouth in Revelations 12:16. And with a


    > like a
    > > trumpet/horn, he says, “I am Alpha and Omega.”
    > >
    > > He is Attis, the Zenith of Obelisk and Five Season Solar Year of
    > the
    > > Boilbel-Loth Alphabet. He is Dionysus Sabius the original (Alpha)
    > Jehovah of
    > > the Passover. He is Baal, Bel, and Helios, the Sun God. He has
    > arisen from
    > > the Four Sacred Halls to the top of the obelisk, climbing the
    > spiral
    > > staircase within (ladder of Jacob) to the Crown of the Sun. The
    > horn is
    > > centered in the Dog-days, and is a symbol of power:
    > > “I will exalt your horn.”
    > >
    > > “The Four Halls make up the base of the Obelisk and is the


    > the
    > > prime symbol in Minoan Crete. Either alone, or enclosed in a
    > circle, it was
    > > reserved for the Moon Goddess and her Royal Son, the King. The


    > of the
    > > Swastika are four sevens, equaling twenty eight, the number of


    > in the
    > > months (moons) of the five season year. Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set
    > and Nepthys
    > > make up this sacred hall and its zenith. In the worship of Kali,
    > they are
    > > Siva, Kali. Vishnu, Surya, and Ganesa. In the coronation of an
    > Indian king,
    > > he is invested with a sacred mantle called
    > > ‘The Womb’. In this ceremony of rebirth, he is given five dice,


    > priest
    > > saying; “Thou art master; may these five regions fall to thy


    > The five
    > > regions are the four quarters of the earth and the zentih.”
    > Graves says; “The unicorn had a spatial as well as a temporal
    > meaning,
    > though space has always been divided by four QUARTERS of the


    > not by
    > five fiths. The square cross, whether plain or converted into a
    > swastika or
    > cross-crosslet, has from time immemorial represented the fullest
    > extent of
    > sovereignty.” The Merovingians would want to show those in the know
    > the
    > fullest extent of their sovereignty – without being seen by others!
    > Minerva had a festival called the QUINQUARTRIA, which means ‘the


    > halls’
    > meaning the five seasons of the year, of 72 days, with five days


    > over.
    > Isis hid Horus from the Sun-god Set during the 72 hottest days of


    > year,
    > the third of the five seasons ruled by the Dog Sirius and the two
    > Asses.
    > “The Greek legand that the God Dionysus placed the Asses in the


    > of
    > Cancer (The Crab) suggests that Dionysus who visited Egypt and was
    > entertained by Proteus King of Pharos, was Osiris, brother of the
    > HYSKOS
    > god, Typhon (‘The Wind’ a nickname for Jesus) ALIAS, SET. The


    > people,
    > non-Semitic pastoralists, coming from Armenia (origin of Abraham)


    > beyond,
    > pressed down through Cappadocia, Syria and Palistine into Egypt
    > around the
    > the year 1780. That they managed so easily to establish themselves


    > Northern Egypt with their capital at Pelusium, on the Canopic arm


    > the
    > Nile Delta, can be accounted for only by an alliance with the
    > Byblians of
    > Phoenicia.”>
    > > Consider the construction of a Jousting tent, like the one young
    > Arthur
    > > entered to look for Kay’s sword. One does not rule by braun


    > Surely
    > > Merlin taught his charge the secrets of the Kabala.
    > > The two mysterious orders of the Essenes, the Sampsonians and the
    > Helicaens,
    > > were adepts in the calnedar mysteries and were named after
    > Samson “like the
    > > sun” the sun-hero, and the the Helix, or cosmic circle. An Essene
    > who wished
    > > to meditate, would insulate himself from the world by drawing a
    > circle
    > > around himself in the sand. Jesus does this while meditating in


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