The Japanese Sword & Love Exchange

When I posted this six days ago, I did not know Obama was going to be the first president to visit Japan. He is due to speak any minute. He is assuring Japan we are allies in Asia. I would like to see a Bohemian cultural exchange. We need to defeat Trump and establish a new creative culture in the world democracies.

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They became “Honorary Aryans,” apart from other Asians and now western in many ways.  The World’s Fair in Philadelphia, in 1876, heralded this distinction: the Chinese were declared a dying race; Japan was praised.” (P. 182)

The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War, by James Bradley

The photograph above was taken on ‘The Hights’ where I suspect Joaquin Miller was conducting a ‘Love Exchange’ between Japanese Men and Aryan Women. These mixed-race folks may be Government Agents – of both nations -who were part of ‘The Love Boat Conspiracy’ against Czarist Russia, that an author concluded led to the Cold War after the army of Nicholas lost to the Emperor of Japan. This gave rise to The Red Menace that is forever constructing a Trojan Horse so the Deceived Peaceniks will prance out and haul it into the Walls of Troy.

“These founding fathers knew…

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