The Carmelite Elijah

Jesus has a very flawed conversation as to whether or not John the Baptist was Elijah, and thus, Elijah came, which was required before the Messiah OF THE JEWS came – who was not rejected! Satan-Saul was hired by Roman Slave Masters to put down the Abolitionist Revolt of the Abolitionist God of the Jews. God did not born a usurper. Jesus is not God, now, or ever!

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The Carmelite order in Israel, and Rougemont Switzerland resembles the vision of Herbert Armstrong who may not have know of them. I found them by doing my family tree. The Mormons are obsessed by genealogies because they believe you can save the souls of dead relatives – who did not have a chance to convert – but are now saved in the Mormon Family Tree. Jews object to their ancestors being captured this way. This is touching on British Israelism that was the downfall of Armstrong. To be a member of the Order of Rougemont you had to produce a chart to the fifth generation. Many ancestor went on Crusade and were kin to the Knights Templar.

In the cote of arms of Rougemont we see a tower and a red mountain with three lights or stars that Represent the Carmelites of the Priory de Rougemont and the Noble Order…

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