The Rose Ghost of the World

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Today I found photographs on a real estate site of Christine’s residence when she was killed by the rogue wave. Rosamond’s artwork is on all the walls. What’s going on? Is this staging for the sale of her home? What became of the giant mural over the fireplace of Godfrey de Bouillon entering Jerusalem with his Crusader Army. This painting appeared in the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ that influenced ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Here is my rose line I pointed out to modern-day Templars who are beckoned by ISIS to come to the End Time War of Armageddon.

When I first lay eyes on these pics, I gasped. It was as if all the lies I have heard regarding the death of my beloved sister, was hiding this truth – she did not die! Why didn’t someone think of this? She rose from the sea, and, went home!

Jon Presco


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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