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I am gong to wake The Knight Templar Saints from the Dead. On August 25, 2014 I called for the making of a Cyber Sanctuary. Providentia is that sanctuary built to ferret out, and destroy Terrorism. ““U.S. authorities warn that IS poses the greatest threat in years with its “apocalyptic” vision.”

“I am going to do a mock-up of a modern day secular I-Ching based upon the novels of Thomas Pynchon, where the literary genius crowd can consult the Pyhng-Ching using 49 of the 50 yarrow sticks in order to grasp what kind of secular day they can look forward to, or, own another clue who Tom was, and where he is at. He is the Liberal Confucius of our day.”

How many of my readers thought I had really flipped when I saw the awakening of a apocalyptic nightmare in the artwork of my ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen?

Pope Francis has called for a new crusade, but stops short of bidding Christians to take up arms. Instead, he called upon the secular United Nations to intervene on the behalf of religious people.

For over a month, I have been seeking a way to found a secular state, or cyber-nation, that would be a sanctuary to secular peoples such as my Jewish mathematician friends. I call upon Francis to call for a world-wide truce, and bid all Christian sects to end their long holy crusade against secular non-believers that are being targeted by ISIS. I am poised to found a new Knight Templar Order that will be secular in nature, but will contain a religious branch.

I am going to do a mock-up of a modern day secular I-Ching based upon the novels of Thomas Pynchon, where the literary genius crowd can consult the Pyhng-Ching using 49 of the 50 yarrow sticks in order to grasp what kind of secular day they can look forward to, or, own another clue who Tom was, and where he is at. He is the Liberal Confucius of our day.

ISIS has called my President a “crusader” who is spreading Freemasonry. The Templars have been associated with the Masons. This suggests ISIS was born on the World Wide Web spun by a rose-colored spider up in her high tower. Since June 30th, when I posted my apocolyptic vision, the whole world has had to bring out its weaving spider in order to repair the rents made my ISIS. They have put the world on the defense, which gives them the upper hand. This is why God born prophets to be warning sirens. The Benton family were Freemasons.

When the Pope called for the last crusade, there was no democracy in the world. The Papacy controlled the royalty of the world, and defended the divine right of kings. The Protestant religion did not exist. My ancestors were there at its inception. Pope Adrien came up with his own Reformation, and rescued the Knights of Saint John from Malta. Adrien also had Rosemondt found the Pope’s college for poor students.

The Rosamonds were in Basle when the weavers had their reformation that called for the world’s first democracy. This is key, for ISIS is first a threat to Democracy, then Religion. Sectarian Warfare has torn the world apart. Consider Ghandi and India and the rise of the neo-Confederate evangelical Red State Doomsayers who took over our Congress claiming their brand of Jesus founded a Democracy. Prove it!

But for John the Baptist, when Jesus rose from the water of his baptism, not one believer did he behold, Everyman was his potential friend. Jesus has evolved in to a simple Man of Democracy. What banner does he wave?
God has His own banner. It is not red, white, and blue!

The Catholic Church has engaged in forceful conversions, and ISIS is a Deadly Ghost from that Papal history. Denis de Rougemont co-founded the United Nations, and may be kin to the Rougemont Knights Templar who I proved owned the Shroud of Turin. For this reason I claim rightful ownership of the Linen Shroud in the name of my Rosamond Family Weavers who belonged to the Linen Weavers Guilds of Basle, and fought in the American Revolution under the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag in South Carolina.

I declare the image on this linen to be a Democratic Man born in America in 1776, and was crucified for wanting to free the slaves and for wanting women to won the right to vote. He is our Democratic Liberator and Gonfalon. As I see it, President Barack Obama, has come to the aid of those in dire stress, employing our Democratic Armed Forces against real Evil.

Our President is much more than a Crusader. The long silenced voices of the Knights Templar of Fontenette, salute our Commander in Chief.

In an apparent reference to the United States, Francis said “one nation alone cannot judge” the best means of stopping groups like ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State. Those decisions should be made collectively by the United Nations, the pontiff said.



The Ark upon the mountain
The Dove and Branch upon the sea
The hammers of iniquity
beat upon my forgotten tomb
I am awake upon the turbulant waters
My enemies cast lots
and blame me for their sins
while God’s friends
read me on the Day of Atonement
so all will be saved
so all will be united in peace
The sun went down on me
so long ago
The vine that grew over my head
has wilted in the desert of forgetfulness
But, there on a mountian
a purple haze
a rosy afterglow
in a King’s rosegarden atop a mount
that bid noble knights to climb hither
that beckon knights to sever a thread
and once again
be brave


“Senior Pentagon officials described the Islamic State (Isis) militant group as an “apocalyptic” organization that posed an “imminent threat” on Thursday, yet the highest-ranking officer in the US military said that in the short term, it was sufficient for the United States to “contain” the group that has reshaped the map of Iraq and Syria.”

I wrote about Thomas Pynchon’s apocalyptic visions. In the painting he refers to, I see the eight beauties weaving the Holy Shroud of Turin.

European leaders face calls to take direct action against the Islamic State including in Syria after the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley, but politicians are reluctant to take the lead after previous missteps in the region.

Bennett Rosamond and I look alike. At the Mill I asked our guide, Bill, about a “weaver’s needle”. He showed me an object that could not have been what the Rougemonts wore on Crusade. We talked to five elderly women in the weaving room, and they concluded the needle was a spindle. I found myself in a living Fairy Tale, and Templar Legend.
On the floor of the mill was wool. We were given a sample to touch. The woman next to me asked if we could keep it, and gave half to me. See photo above of my piece of yarn.”

Rosamond Press











Above is the Rosamond cote of arms that has a cross made of a weavers needle on a mount with two flowers. You can not have a cross in your cote of arms unless your kindred went on crusade. Did the Lords of Rougemont and Florimont go on Crusade? I believe they went as Knights Templar.

The Rosamond family were weavers for countless generations. Surely we took interest in the story of Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps, it is a family yarn whose woof and weave connects us to the bloodline of the Swan Knight? Hans Ulrich Rosemond was a weaver. Ulrich means “wolf ruler’, and Hans is John.

A month into World War Two, German troops entered the city of Louvain and utterly destroyed it because freedom fighter were allegedly sniping at the Kaizer’s men. Atrocities were committed. Nuns were stripped naked in search of weapons. Citizens were herded off to…

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