Confederate Army on the March

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Dan Coleman spoke on CNN about the Confederate flag as a representative of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He said Lincoln was not pro-slavery and wanted to deport blacks after the Civil War that he says was not fought over slavery.

My kindred, John and Jessie Fremont almost lived in the White House. John was the first candidate for the new Republican Party he and the Radical Republicans founded on the platform of ending slavery. Dan made no mention of the Fremonts.

Above are neo-Confederates marching on the Capitol of Georgia. This site says they are an army. “General Denne “Red Irish” Sweeney who was conferring with their war council”

Here is an article from the Washington Post that details some of the manifesto that Roof put on the internet. Jews were targeted. Here is a message from the birthplace of Reform Judaism whose goal was to end dual-citizenship that is…

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