Secret Princes

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secret-princes-1I have fired my family and now two friends because they want me to do nothing – but fail. Good riddance!

Three days ago I discovered there is a T.V. show about Princes dating Midwest Cowgirls and Southern Belles! They are doing this blog, and my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’.

In e-mails Mark Gall told me I was not invited to Jonny Gall’s memorial because I would bore his OTHER friends with my talk about genealogies. Mark has a Jewish Cabal of film buffs who think they are Argo. They meet to talk about films they have seen. They think they are hot-shit. Mark has no perception or insight on anything. But, because he contributes money to these buffs, they hang on his every word, and kiss his ass!

I talked with Mark Gall about turning my blog into a reality show and he treated me like I was deluded and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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