The Green Whiteaker Hood

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No sooner was I awake, then I was compelled to get out of bed and go to The Wandering Goat in the Whiteaker and found a Whiteaker newspaper that I suggested someone found on a Whiteaker Community Facebook. I was elected while I slept by a force that has given me other instructions in my dream state.

What I had been pondering, was, my answer to Belle Burch regarding the nature of this blog, being, to preserve and protect the Bohemian lifestyle. She appeared to agree this was a worthy cause, but, what she and her compatriots were really concerned about, was helping the homeless, even giving them a façade of being Bohemians. Well, the real Bohemians in the Whiteaker have had it with the homeless, the drug addicts and drunks that party in their hood and leave trash and feces for the real citizens to clean up.

For the most…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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