Christine Rosamond Revealed

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Below are tips on how to write a successful artist’s biography. Here is tip No.1

What should be included in an effective artist’s bio?

1. Anyone or anything that has influenced the artist’s artworks.

Christine Rosamond Benton’s two biographer (hired ghost writers who never met Christine) went through incredible machinations to EXCLUDE me a being a creative  influence on my younger sister who I know took up art when she was twenty-four. Here are two videos of Marilyn Reed testifying to the truth she never saw any of Rosamond’s works of art, nor saw her go into a closet to render works of art with a flashlight. Instead, she talks about what a wonderful artist I was, she borrowing my paintings to be with them in what can be described as a religious experience.

Marilyn tells the truth, that I was very close with my sisters who loved me very much. I took care of them. Our older brother, Mark Presco, had gone back to Oakland, and Rosemary was out almost every night. Quite often Christine, Vicki, Marilyn, and myself had the run of the house. I was forever coming up with creative things to do. I remember we would sit by the fire on Glendon and, philosophise and tell stories. We were the original Story Tellers. Why was I painted out of the picture?

Here is Julie Lynch who wrote the second Rosamond biography and a screenplay.

“If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.”

After my interview with Marilyn, it dawned on me she could have written a vastly superior biography of my late sister – her friend! She would have included me in the picture, and thus her biography would have been a Best Seller, and revived interest in Rosamond’s images of beautiful images – as Sydney Morris prescribed! I suspect Marilyn took the two photographs above. Here she is at Christine’s Woodland Hills home. Bob Dylan was her neighbor and they would babysit each others kid. Time to get a good attorney. And get my offspring back! The truth will set them free!


Here is Christine’s sole surviving work she did in kindergarten! There exist a illustration I did for a story ‘Mrs. Herman The Witch’ that I misplaced. With six months of sobriety, I went visit Victor and Vicki. My younger sister approached me and told me Marilyn was trying to reach me. I talked to Christine on the phone, and she told me M was living in Eugene where I had just come from. When I went up to see her, I found an invitation from my famous sister to attend a Gallery opening. I was not given an invitation. As it turned out my sisters conspired to get me away from our father who had just inherited his mother’s house, and a sum of money. Due to the attacks by women, upon me and this blog, the focus of my biography will change. It is now about the most oppressed and harassed artist in history, who was THE TEACHER of a world famous WOMAN ARTIST!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

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In addition to oppressing Christine artistically, Rosemary also dominated Christine with physical violence. Trying to support four children with only a high school education and little help from her alcoholic husband, Rosemary was often enraged. She took this rage out on Christine and Christine’s earliest known works reflect it. In Teenage Drawing II, her subject is reticent and withdrawn.  In Teenage Drawing III, the woman looks shocked and angry.

How to Write a Good & Effective Artist Biography

An effective artist biography (bio) is necessary information to have as part of the artist’s presentation to any viewers and interested parties of their artwork. A well written and composed artist bio serves to help a reader to connect to the artist and to the artist’s artwork.

An artist bio, when written and created correctly will provide the reader with a greater understanding as to the artist’s art, the artist’s motivation for creating their art and finally it will provide a guide or a means for a viewer to interpret the artist’s art. In these terms, the importance of an artist’s bio cannot be stressed enough!

What should be included in an effective artist’s bio?

1. Anyone or anything that has influenced the artist’s artworks.

2. Any education or training in the field of art.

3. Any related experience in the field of art.

4. A summary of the artist’s artistic philosophy.

5. Any artistic insights or techniques that are employed by the artist.

6. A short description of what the artist would like to accomplish with their art.

Today, on Monday, May 25, 2015 – Memorial Day – I discovered an article that suggests Attorney Sydney Morris mismanaged the creative family estate of the world famous Carmel photographers, Edward Weston, and his son, Brett Weston. Cole Weston was also a photographer. All three of these famous men captured the Lone Cypress of Pebble Beach with their cameras. Kim Weston is the grandson of photographer Edward Weston, son of photographer Cole Weston and nephew of photographer Brett Weston.

Sydney Morris is suing Carol Williams who tried to stop the sale of this Creative Family Legacy to a banker.

“As a coda to the events surrounding the legal fight over the sale of Weston”s archive to Keesee, Williams herself was sued this past October by Morris on behalf of the estate over breach of contract for the remaining two books on Weston”s work, and for the return of 600 Weston photographs intended for those publications. She is also being sued for money Morris says is due the estate as a result of ongoing sales of Weston”s work by Williams at the Photography West Gallery.”

The following are some helpful hints on how an artist can create an interesting bio;

1. Keep the bio structure short, concise and to the point. A rambling disjointed bio will only confuse or lose the reader all together. Always write the bio in the third person (as if someone other than the artist is writing the bio).

2. Try to write the bio differently 2 or 3 times and then have someone with good writing and communication skills proof the various bios and help you to pull them together into one great bio (there will be different aspects of each bio that are written better than the others).

3. Get an artist(s) who you respect and admire to read your final version and make any suggestions to help improve the final bio. Does this bio reflect you as a person, as an artist and does it accurately describe your art?

4. Finally, after any changes are made as described above, have someone who is an expert in spelling, grammar and sentence structure review and make any necessary changes to the bio.

Keep your bio up to date with any new work, influences and experience that may have changed you, your art and your artistic perspective. Make sure that you have an appropriate and up to date image of yourself that is included with your bio. Also, update the bio on any other websites and art forums where you post and show your artwork as well.

An effective artist’s bio will not sell any art for an artist but it will be information that an artist will need to provide to any interested person and also, it is necessary information and is required for the overall sales process.

our Life Your Art
When & where were you born? What themes are present in your artwork? What is it “about”?
Where have you lived? What about your technique stands out from other artists’?
What is your profession? What do you hope people take from your art?
What did you study in school? What is the first thing people notice about your art?
When were you first introduced to art? Who taught you? How has your art changed over your career?
What major obstacles have you encountered in life?

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