Trading Posts Make a Stand

The idea for a Trading Post came about when my homeless Veteran friend, Hollis Williams, was evicted from Safeway and an MX bench while listening to the World Series. I wrote a four page letter to the manager reminding him his vice president wanted employees to volunteer at the Youth Garden, where we helped – but had not followed through. I had asked Ted if any employees had shown up. I suggested Safeway hire Hollis as a Surrogate Volunteer! Hollis was back at Safeway. There is a report the Koch Brothers are behind the Bundyites. “Conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch signaled last week that they will be enhancing their financial and organizational support for a vast coalition of right-wing activists and militia groups that are seeking to seize and sell public lands in the West, including national forests and national parks. Among the groups receiving increased backing from the Kochs is the Bundy terrorist network, whose occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in protest of federal control of Western lands just came to an end with the arrest of the movement’s leaders and the last of the occupiers. “

Rosamond Press

The closing of our Post Offices is more of Margaret Thatcher’s crusade to Privatize America so British and American Bankers can play roulette with our tax money.

Please join my yahoogroup and help make a statement and stand!

Jon Presco

Group email:

Trading Posts were vital in the formation of the United States of America. They are now being threatened with closure due to the bad poltics and ideas of the Tea Party who are going out of their way to hurt the poor and disenfranchised who are welcomed by our Lady Liberty to this Freedom Land.

I suggest the poor and disenfranchised set up Trading Posts at the Post Office near you, and began a barter system with donated supplies of which a percentage will go the keeping our Post Offices open. Surplus food can be dropped off to be distributed to the needy, or, mailed…

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