Victoria Sharp – Reality TV Star

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“It was beauty who killed the beast!”

What kind of parents would take their children to a Armageddon Seige & Shootout, and bid them to sing to armed and dangerous men, Gospel Music? This would be like the Hurst family going on TV to tell the Symbonese Liberation Army they can keep Patty, and, put her in harms way – if need be!  LaVoy sped away from a police stop, with 18 year old Victoria Sharp in the car. What if he hit a tree – and killed her? I bet you she is – 16.

“Howdy folks! We got some big surprised in store on our show today!”

I see a reality show! I see the Sharp family trying to convert the Kardashions! OMG! What if Victoria had her puppy with her, and……………………….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

The Red Devil’s Daughter!

Victoria Sharp came to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge last week with her mother and six siblings to sing for the militants.


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    What is it with Holy Cowboys and pretty teenage girls? Roy Moore says he is condcuting a “spirtual battle”. Is he getting ready to go down in a hail of bullets? I saw all this coming in several visions – before my muse Rena Easton, sicked Deputy Dan Mayland on me. How old was Pocchhatus? Was she an underage Indian Maiden that the President is fixated on? The day Trump puts on a white cowboy hate – head for the End Time Bunkers!

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