Rose-Marie and Gismonda

The Mounty always gets his man. Oregon used to be part of the British Empire until my Benton kindred bought it back. I have seen a letter from Jessie Benton to the King’s representative assuring him Oregon is not, nor will it ever be, a slave state. Cliven Bundy said blacks were better off as slaves. For saying this, his man in the field, and head of his ‘Freedom Revolution’ was shot dead when he refused to surrender. Here’s one for the Maple Leaf – LaVoy!

I already declared myself the Protector of Oregon Arts. LaVoy was a Claim Jumper. The truth will emerge that he was a dirty racist, dog! Get out – and stay out!

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Last night, my dear friend, Marilyn Reed, told me her brother Stanley Godfroi, married Ruth Friml, whose grandfather was the Czech Composer, Rudolph Friml, who did the score for Rose-Marie. Ruthie’s sister, Diana, married the actor, John Lupton, who starred in the Bohemian movie ‘The Rebel Set’. When Stan died, John adopted Marilyn and his wife’s nephew. John Crawford was Rose-Marie in a silent movie made in 1928. Is it any wonder North Americans fell in love with her, for she is Bohemian Gypsy Girl, our Esmirelda. This is another installment of ‘The Joan Crawford Hour’.

The famous Czech Artist, Alphonse Mucha, did a postcard of Rudolph, that reads “Rudolph Friml The Bohemian Pianist.” I have not seen another male subject by Mucha whose work was embraced by the Hippies, and had an influence on Rosamond whose commercial career is very similar to Mucha was discovered when he did a…

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