Crossing The Double Yellow Line

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Here lies the body of LaVoy Finicum sprawled across the dreaded double yellow line. Millions of Americans understand, to cross these lines, is certain death, so we don’t do it. However, if you belong to a cult, a sect, and entertain visions of Armageddon, then you are bid by your higher power to cross the line, stir up shit, and get the End Time rolling.

When the dust clears, we are going to hear from LaVoy’s family who will say he couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to see the Lord and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse before he kicks the bucket like us other old men who have trouble taking a pee due to prostate cancer, or, succumb alas to dreaded agent orange. Remember agent orange?

I see the first yellow line as the mortal coil of our mundane existence. Due to the original sin, nothing is right, everything is broken, or askew. We got believers mixed in with secular Satanist who got to shop together at Safeway. It’s a world of hateful toleration that bids the faithful to dig a room in their cellar and fill it with ammo and discounted canned goods – that are reaching their expiration date. Dang! They didn’t count on that! Now they got to go back to Safeway and mingle with harlots with purple hair and studs in her cheeks.

Is that a empty can of Jim Jone’s special cool-aide littering the highway? No deposit! No return! No redemption!

Between the yellow lines lies purgatory, and the final Judgement before one is made well, where one is again made in His image, and is whole again. If you look closely you can see Floyd’s hand that is reaching out to the Lord. This is the new Sistine Chapel for those left behind, those young men who were babies crawling before the TV making goo-goo sounds to Archie Bunker and Meathead…..

“Can’t we all just get along?”

I have to say Sarah Kaplan of the Washington Post is doing a great job of covering the Bundy Bunkerites. She is getting it, that these Gun Nuts are practicing their religion. They are going to their cross. All they pray for is the courage to cross the Double Yellow Line. Sheriff David is pissed, because he knows they came to do their Swan Song.

I have my end of the world book written by Emperor Marcus Aurelius who believed the Stoics had all the answers. While on the train I read about a Roman Senator who  suggested there be made available enough rope for the first Christians to hang themselves.

Allow me to anoint the photo above an American Icon. Floyd is now the Lord’s Hitch-hiker standing in the road with his thumb out. Let me put words in his mouth…..

“Going my way – Cowboy?”

Look for little plastic Floyds on the dashboard near you, and know, they are coming, riding hard – like the wind! Here is LaVoy making a snow-angel.

For movie-affect, play both videos at the same time.

Jon Presco

“McConnell — who was taken into custody, questioned and released — recorded a second video early Wednesday morning, saying that Payne told him that he and Finicum got into an argument in the pickup after the rancher fled the police stop.

He said Cox told him that Finicum crashed into the snowbank, jumped out of the manual transmission diesel pickup with the rear wheels still spinning and charged toward law enforcement officers.

The bodyguard said Cox and Payne each told him that Finicum charged toward officers before he was shot, and he explicitly denied that the rancher had surrendered or complied with law enforcement.

“He was not on his knees, none of that,” McConnell said. “He was none of that nonsense. You know, that was a miscommunication on somebody else’s part. But he went after them. He charged them. You know, LaVoy was very passionate about what he was doing up here.”

The standoff in Oregon has aroused passion and controversy across the country, in part because the government took little action to stop it, reportedly fearing a repeat of the heavy loss of life when federal agents broke up a siege at a Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex., in 1993, resulting in the deaths of four federal officers and 82 civilians.

After an exchange of gunfire Tuesday that left one man dead and another injured, the two brothers who orchestrated the armed occupation of a remote central Oregon wildlife refuge were taken into custody while traveling outside the area, along with six of their followers.

Then, early Wednesday the government shut down the area, initiating what authorities called a “containment” with checkpoints and promising to arrest any unauthorized people attempting to travel into the refuge.

The purpose, according to a statement from the FBI and Oregon State Police was “to better ensure the safety of community members and law enforcement.” Earlier, they had asked people to leave the area, but there was little sign that the remaining occupiers had done so, setting up the possibility of police action later in the day.

The Oregonian said that a convoy of police rigs, passenger cars and armored vehicles was seen driving south on Oregon Route 205, past the turn-off for the refuge. Other convoys also were reported in the area.

The Tuesday encounter with police on a frozen stretch of highway north of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, where a small cast of gun-toting anti-government activists had been camping out for weeks, was a dramatic break in the tense, three-week standoff with local and federal authorities — at least, for leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy.

Other participants in the siege remained at the refuge, even as they received word that their de facto spokesman, LaVoy Finicum, had been killed in the confrontation with police and that eight other occupiers were either arrested or had turned themselves in. Authorities did not release the names of the man killed or wounded; the Oregonian reported that the injured person is Ryan Bundy.

Gary Hunt, a board member of a militia network known as Operation Mutual Defense who arrived Sunday from California to support the occupiers, told the Oregonian that those still in the compound “have decided they’re going to hold their ground.” But there is some confusion about who is leading the occupation now that Ammon Bundy is under arrest, he added.

[‘These buildings will never, ever return to the federal government’]

The standoff in Oregon has aroused passion and controversy across the country, in part because the government took little action to stop it, reportedly fearing a repeat of the heavy loss of life when federal agents broke up a siege at a Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex., in 1993, resulting in the deaths of four federal officers and 82 civilians.

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