“I’ll kill you all!”


Yesterday I attended the opening of a Vet Medical Center and am composing a post on this wonderful event. This is the breaking news.


This big man in camo says he was an officer in the Green Berets. He offers to be a bodyguard for the Bundyites. He refuses to make a field sobriety test, and is arrested. While real officers of the law, who too an oath to protect and server, are doing their duty, this special killer (or so he claims) threatens to;

“Kill all of you SOB’s!”

Let’s Call the Oregon ‘Protesters’ What They Are: Terrorists

This, terrorist, is not the caliber of Veteran I met yesterday at the opening of the Eugene VA Center. I doubt he is Vet. It’s time to shut that terrorist playground down.

Yesterday I overcame my fear after the threats I received, and spoke before the Mayor and City Council of Eugene.

Jon Presco



Randy Bundy told a reporter with The Oregonian that the militia was ready to “kill and be killed,” and prepared to remain inside of BLM premises indefinitely. Ammon Bundy, Randy’s brother, stated that the group, “Would not rule out violence if law enforcement tries to remove them.”

The occupiers have invited “patriots” from around the country to join them — guns and all — and hope the visitor center will serve as a base of militia operations for years to come. “We’re planning on staying here for years, absolutely,” one Bundy brother said in a video released yesterday. “This is not a decision we’ve made at the last minute.”

A local paper, the Willamette Week, reported that militia members have been trickling into the region for weeks. Among them was 32-year-old John Ritzheimer, who bid farewell to his family in a Youtube video before joining the Malheur occupation, citing that he wants to “die a free man.”

Ritzheimer, a former Marine, has made headlines before. This fall, he planned armed protests against New York mosques, and has issued a series of violent statements and threats against Muslims, President Obama and members of the federal government. In a video from November, he declared, “Fuck you Muslims. We’re gonna stop at virtually every mosque along the way, flip them off and tell them to get the fuck out,” proceeding to cock his handgun on camera.




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