What Happened To Me?

Rosamond Press


Prescos 1958 Greg, Christine and Mark on Roseville bridge

Prescos 1958 Mark & Geg


The world-famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton began her autobiography talking about how different I looked from my siblings. She said I was taller and more slender, while they were squat. I had long graceful fingers, they had stubby fingers. Then, there was my aquiline nose. My siblings had short upturned noses. You can see my fine artistic nose taking shape in the photo of Mark, Christine, and myself on a bridge in Roseville. I have a look of bliss and inner peace on my face, while Mark is giving the camera his mean and pouting look. We all owed him. He was, and still is, a whiney baby. We got into fist fights because he was forever trying to disqualify me, throw me out of the nest. I made him look bad. He was our mother’s favorite, the first-born. Our father told all our kindred I was not his son, but…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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