Crucifying Jehohanan

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davinc6Jehohanan” means whom Jehovah gave.



Jehohanan (Yehohanan) was a man put to death by crucifixion in the 1st century CE, whose ossuary was found in 1968 when building contractors working in Giv’at ha-Mivtar, a Jewish neighborhood in northern East Jerusalem, accidentally uncovered a Jewish tomb.[1] The Jewish stone ossuary had the Hebrew inscription “Jehohanan the son of Hagkol”. In his initial anthropological observations in 1970 at Hebrew University, Nicu Haas concluded Jehohanan was crucified with his arms stretched out with his forearms nailed, supporting crucifixion on a two-beamed Latin cross.[2] However, a 1985 reappraisal discovered multiple errors in Haas’s observations.[3][4]

[hide] 1 Anthropological Observations 1.1 Initial Observations, Haas, 1970
1.2 Reappraisal, Zias & Sekeles, 1985

2 References

[edit] Anthropological Observations

[edit] Initial Observations, Haas, 1970

In his article “Anthropological Observations on the Skeletal Remains from Giv’at ha-Mivtar” published in the Israel Exploration Journal in 1970, Nicu…

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