New Deal Post Office For Sale

On this day, October 24, 2014, I hereby declare all persons held in slavery in the Levant, free peoples! In the name of my illustrious ancestor, John Fremont, I declare war on all those who take slaves in the Levant. For the reason brave Kurdish Freedom Fighters are waging war against the slave masters known as ISIS, I declare they own a special citizenship that Americans in the North enjoyed, when they fought the traitors of the Confederacy for the freedom of the enslaved. I give all Kurdish fighters permission to use John Fremont’s flag when they go into battle.

It was John Fremont, with the help his wife, Jessie Benton, who authored the first emancipation of slaves in America, thus, forcing the hand of Abraham Lincoln. Fremont was a co-founder of the Republican Party, who along with many foreigners known as Forty-Eighters, took up the cause that America should be an Abolitionist Nation. Fremont was the first Presidential Candidate for the party that would echo the ancient cry of Moses;

“Let my people go!

For the reason the roots of the Kurdish People can be traced to royal house of Queen Helena of Adiabene, who gifted the Temple at Jerusalem a golden Menorah – the very symbol of the Abolitionist God of the Jews that was taken into captivity by the Roman slave masters – as a fellow Nazarite, I declare the Kurdish People, Children of the New Covenant, that is the root of Judeo-Christianity, as well as Islam.

For the reason the Kurdish People have stood up to the slave masters of ISIS, may they soon enjoy what God gave His Chosen Children when they came out of Egypt, a New and United Land, modeled after the America Democracy that came to be, when the Union was victorious over the Confederacy.

May the bells of freedom ring out all over the world!

Jon the Nazarite

Rosamond Press

postmuralpostmural88postoff6protect3protect4protect7The old Eugene Post Office is up for sale. Inside are historic murrals that were rendered for the People of Eugene to give them a sence of Community and Culture. Thanks to the Privatizers that put the Tea Party Fakeriots in the streets to protect the very Rich, the world economy has been weakened, severely damaged!

“The downtown post office was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. It was designed by Gilbert Underwood, and it contains murals by Carl Morris, a friend of artists Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell. The murals depict the local industries of lumbering and agriculture.”

The United States Constitution calls for a Government Post Office, and that roads be built to it so We the People may always have access to the Post Office. The Fakeriots claim our Founding Fathers never intended our Democracy to be an institution that cared about building…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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